Monthly Archives: March 2008

Robinson Crusoe

I’m reading this fiction for quite some days. A dismal story of a poor helpless bloke who settles himself into a barren, desolate island unfortunately. But whether it was his destiny or he was forced to brace it, I can’t say now. Let me read it full. lol. He left his parents for his weird wants and desire despite his father’s mammoth affection and suggestions to not forsake them. He is really indifferent to their plea. But, sometimes when he involved himself in difficulties and misery, he tries to repent. But it’s already too late. He must face the severe consequences. Almost all of his story up to now is tied around voyages and a brief settlement in Brazil in a plantation. How he left his plantation/properties and embarked in a dreadful voyage with his fellows for the purpose of trifle trade and how he lost all of his crews in a horrific sea storm and found himself battling against the tides near a shore. The island, completely desolated, his new world where he’s marooned. He has no option but to embrace this new world and acquaint with it. He wept, he cried, he even blame the God for his misery. But later, he appeased himself by the facts that he still alive while all of his friends were dead, and he has landed in a island free from all kinds of danger, wild beasts, wild Negros and ills of human world.

Robinson Crusoe, I heard about this magnum opus of Daniel Defoe very long ago, I think when I was a 6th grader. The then social study teacher Ramchandra Naral had told about it and we all were thrilled at his graceful narration.


Aural Yearn

Spent most of my daytime listening music with high volume today. I’ve a 2.1 subwoofer from Creative that generates really a great sound and it’s one of the most admired gadgets I’ve. I really love it. 

Later in the evening, I went out with a friend and had some eating at a small Cafe in Bagar.

A Bitter Experience

Went through a very bitter experience today. Being a supporter of the monarchy, I took part in a mass meeting of RPP Nepal campaign for upcoming CA Election. Rally begun from district office at Srijana Chowk which later converged into a mass meeting at Chipledhunga. I was a part of the rally from the very beginning till the end of the meeting. It was indeed a great experience because this was the first time ever I took part in a political party’s campaign. The procession was headed by local leaders and later the meeting was addressed by RPP Nepal President famous Kamal Thapa. We completed nearly 4 km of roadway rallying. The scorching sun really didn’t affect our determination and march.

While addressing the meeting (by Kamal Thapa), suddenly, some miscreants started pelting and hurling stones toward the dais and audiences. And also begun shouting slogans against the leaders and monarchy. We all left open mouthed. Those hooligan’s cowardly act is really condemnable and unforgivable. We were convening peacefully and the programs was running fine. And, suddenly the hooligans from Maoist wing YCL interrupted our peaceful meeting. Police was there and tried to prevent the attack. But it failed. Some of our people were injured. The spot was so messy that I didn’t know where the leaders and our cadres dispersed. People were running helter-skelter. We, however, kept patience and restraint as much possible. I think, if we also had reacted violently, there would have had a fierce clash between YCL and us. But we hesitated to fight and kept our patience and stepped back. Then there erupted a sudden scuffle and police started baton charging on hooligans YCL Cadres. Later we dispersed and I returned home safely.

Actually, I had gone there without informing my family. Later, they heard the news and knew the truth. I was badly chewed out. But I don’t think I did wrong by being a part of the commotion. I’ve done something from my side for the uplift of our symbol of national unity, i.e. monarchy.

The SPA leaders have been touting so loudly about so called freedom and democracy. But where is in practical? Why we are being interrupted and attacked frequently? Why our peaceful meetings become a target by all those so called democratic groups? Is there no space for oppositions? Can’t we express our views, opinions in peaceful manner? If we can’t, then don’t say there’s democracy in Nepal. Stop this bullshitting, you bloody SPA Leaders! And yeah, the Maoists should be tried for their numerous bloody acts. YCL is crap. No doubt. They will soon see their own doom by their own crappy and heinous acts. GPK, shame of Nepal, you stop touting the democracy.

Long Live Monarchy!

This incident can’t demoralize us. We are resolved for the upliftment of Constitutional Monarchy and Multiparty Democracy and no such incidents, bars could stop us from achieving our goal.