Am I Being Fooled?

I lent an unknown guy some thousands, just days ago. Actually, I met him in the RPP Nepal’s district party office. He’s a cadre of RPP Nepal and a frequent visitor to the office. That day, he was talking with everyone in telephone asking for some money he ”really needs”. But, everyone denied him. He went pale and may be he found himself helpless and I felt pity on him and decided to lend the amount i.e. 3000 Rs. He seriously promised me to return it the next day. But…….ha ha now, it’s been 4 days and I’m yet to receive my money. Did he betray me? Actually, He phones me every day and says that he’s coming to me to return my amount. But until now, he’s not actually come. I don’t think he can be a betrayer.

Actually I don’t know even his name. But we talked much that day about current political affairs. We were all total 3 in the office. He really impressed us by his greater knowledge in politics and other social affairs.

I’m still hopeful that he’d return my money some day. You think I’m being way too stupid? LOL.


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