Holy Institution

I’m too much concerned about the future that what would be the fate of Monarchy. I really love this holy institution, under the umbrella of which, Nepalis fought with intruders, imperialists and kept their national sovereignty intact. The Monarchy has been providing a very strong leadership both in nation building and development fronts. This holy institution has been brought in severe criticisms for some years after the king stepped down from his direct rule. The monarchy is being  attacked severely from all around including cunning political parties and other so called civil society and etc etc. There’s a saying in Nepali, ”if you repeat a lie for 100 times, you would start to see it as a truth!" Much to our worries, the campaign of spreading hatred against the monarchy is continuously going on. And people are being brainwashed. But the monarchy is yet to defend itself from all these fake blames and attacks. Actually silence is a great action itself, as the monarch has recently mentioned it. But till when, it will remain silent and calm? Isn’t the time over now and it’s needed to take some concrete steps/actions? The king is mysteriously keeping mum. Actually, we want continuous, peaceful and gradual change not a devastating revolution. The future can’t be made bright by damning the past. The monarchy is a symbol of national unity and integrity. It must be continued for centuries. Simply, Nepal couldn’t survive without monarchy. People would know the importance of this holy institution soon or late, we hope.

Long Live the King and Queen! Long live the monarchy!!!


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