I Want To Die

This f**king life has not changed quite the way I want. I’m not going to be Einstein nor Elvis Pristley. I never let my dreams grow higher, higher than poor Nepalis could dream of. Neither have I any such extreme ambitions. The only ambition I (not only I, but we all) have is for money and fame. Lets keep fame aside, cos we are not going to be Nobel Laureate and talk about money. Money rules the world. If we talk about it, we would create an epic.

One of my friends often tells me, life is a w*hore, keep f*cking it. Do you agree? We empty ourselves and devote everything to this w*hore i.e. life. We keep f**king it, devoting it and making ourselves more empty and hollow and…….lastly, we die. But, I’m not going to hollow myself out more, that’s why I want to have an ”exemption” from all these sins and troubles and of course this w*hore. I’m weary and exhausted and tired of this hectic life and the unhealthy rat race. I need a rest, a longer sleep but no f**king dreams. What?! Yeah…I long a death!


2 responses to “I Want To Die

  1. What the fuck?Man, you\’re not serious, ok? You can\’t be. In such a stupid logic. Being practical is the best way to have mukti from all these fucking imaginations and so called reality or whatever.

  2.    oh how can you say that i\’m not serious ? i\’m already determined but i\’m a bit coward too.i\’ve to make some strong measures to build up my confidence inorder to have a successfull suicide. and i\’m trying my best for this. Let\’s wait some 2/3 months. i\’ll have been perished by the end of August!
    By the way, may i know you please ? Thanks for commenting. I hope you\’ll ease my journey to the death

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