Beloved King & Queen

After a long time, I got to see our beloved King and Queen, offering a pray at a local temple in Kathmandu. I’m really elated. The king was sober and in good mood as though he’s been totally unknown about the burgeoning discussions of republic which is sadly only gaining momentum every other dawn. The king is mysteriously silent after he stepped down from his direct rule in April, 2006. But recently, he had given his regards and wishes for successful conduction of CA election before and after. And, his messages to his countrymen at the eve of New Year 2065 B.S. was highly appreciated. Now, some bad guys are talking about republic and are trying to dethrone the king. The worst critics of the monarchy, i.e. Maoists have nearly obtained a majority in CA election and many people think it’s not a good news for the monarch and monarchy at all. But, we Nepalis believe that no one and nothing can undermine the holy institution and take a decision about it on their own. It’s people who only can decide the fate of this institution, under the umbrella of which Nepalis fought the fight of freedom, democracy and sovereignty. Some handful of corrupt people and leaders can’t take the decision.

Monarchy, which united badly divided Nepal into a single country and kept the national unity and sovereignty safe, has been the symbol of national unity for centuries. We love it. We like it.

Let’s have a glimpse of our beloved king and queen here from their recent visit in a temple:


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