Vanguard Of Nationalism

Nepal is being ”sikkimized”. Actually, when our incompetent leaders signed a 12 point agreement with Maoists in India, they already had sold our nationalism and right to rule and decide to India. After then, India started eying on every internal affairs more vigilantly than before because (before signing 12 pt. agreement) previously there was monarchy, which is the greatest nationalistic force and which always opposed any international interference in Nepal. But after the 12 point agreement, the monarchy was forcefully undermined, for this is required to make Nepal another ”Sikkim”. And now after declaration of so called ”republic” from the henchmen of India, such as : GPK and Prachanda; the process of ”Sikkimization” of Nepal is about to end. What a tragic fate! Alas! We’ve lost our nationalism at the hands of India just because of our corrupt and impotent leaders. We’ll have to live at the mercy of India from now, it’s sure.

These days, much to our humiliation, Indian and other ambassadors direct and influence the prime minister and other officials. Important decisions and agreements are taken within the premise of Indian Embassy. What a shame! Where’s our nationalism? Where’s our sovereignty?

It was the king who never bowed to India and other international forces. That’s why, after the royal proclamation of Feb 1, 2005; India then stopped supplying aids including general and military ones and later somehow made king step down from his direct rule. And, since then, it has intensified the filthy game of ”Sikkimization”.

At this dreadful situation, we again need a strong leadership of monarchy who can oppose international interference and keep our national unity and nationalism intact.


2 responses to “Vanguard Of Nationalism

  1. I can whole heartedly join in: LONG LIVE THE KING!!! Great comment. I am afraid, Nepal is going Sikkim\’s way without the Monarchy.

  2. Yes, nice to read you. i tried to comment in your blog but coudln\’t cos i was not registereed

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