I’ll Be Abstained

I’ve decided to not cast any vote at any elections in coming days if the republic really goes in practice.  Actually I prefer calling myself a staunch royalist  and will keep advocating  the monarchy till the end of my life.   


2 responses to “I’ll Be Abstained

  1. That\’s well said and you are right not to waver in your Royalist conviction. But giving up voting means vacating the field for the republicans. Stand up and fight for King and country!

  2. hmm, are you the same one who  previously wrote me a comment ? i think yes. NO idea what to do and i decided myself to be abstained. i was already frustrated and the recent incident of declaring republic has fuelled my disappointment. anyway i\’m even ready to die for monarchy and country. my friends often call me a \’\’crazy\’\’.  ok thanks.

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