I Want To Be A Politician!

I regret for not being a politician. Don’t laugh. Actually, politics has always been my interest. People do hard to become Doctors, Engineers,S cholars but almost none of them become as much famous as politicians. Generally, politicians have both name, fame and prosperity. By being a Doctor or Engineer, we might gain prosperity but never fame. Yes, some are exceptions. Some handful of politicians make the rules and regulations and we are asked to follow it. Doesn’t it show politicians are far more powerful than any other professionals? I’m always jealous of politicians. They come in TVS, Newspapers, Radio everywhere, in every media. People talk about them. They rule us. They are like God. I also Want to be a great politician!!!

Actually, I’m not connected to any political parties nor do I support any political ideas profoundly but being a staunch royalist and there was a rough time (it seems so) for monarchy itself, I decided to help  RPP Nepal, a pro-monarchy party in CA election. But I don’t think, I can go longer with this party, for it’s a small one and we’ve only little recognition in national level. I know, it’s just a temporary involvement.


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