Animal Rights

I’m going to be a vegan. Not mere vegetarian. Sounds weird. I am not sure even myself about it, though. But, making a verbal commitment only is a great step forward. I’ve decided and to have such a conviction is a first step towards my goal. Do I really become a vegan? Is it possible in the context where I’m existing? Do my family and other factors surrounding me let me be it? Like several others, I just hate merciless, ruthless slaughters of innocent animals, cruel treatment at zoos, poaching, using them at scientific and biological experiments etc. It must be stopped. Their rights of existence in free and peaceful manner should be guaranteed. I already have decided not to visit Zoos (to entertain). Animal sacrifice in the name of god is one of the most barbaric acts the human has been conducting. We can’t imagine, we scare even to think about it, animals are dismembered in the lab for biological/scientific tests. Their cries, their moans…can we describe here in words?  etc. etc… ,Human is Evil. And, I, too. Shame on me. Shame on all humankind.

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