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Kill All Those Oligarchs/Elites/Aristocrats/Plutocrats/Millionaires/Billionaires

The SAARC summit is nearing. And, this time, unlike before, there are lots of confusions, protests, debates over the representation of Nepal at the regional convention. Some say GPK has no right/legitimacy to represent the country because he is only a caretaker PM for now. Some argue, since there is no executive government, the so called president should represents the country brushing constitutional/legal provisions aside. Anyway, whoever represents Nepal there, they will surely receive warm and VIP welcome, greetings. They will be treated as VVIP and let’s not talk about their standard of staying/living there until the summit is over. They enjoy there the ride of newly imported luxurious limos with five star hotel suites especially groomed/prepared for them, so called VVIPs. I am jealous of them. Nay, I’m never jealous of the King, but of these leaders who do nothing except preaching their falls promises and become prime ministers, minsters etc and enjoy VVIP standards. I’m too much envy of them. Too much…I also wanna represent my nation at such forums, I also wanna be treated like a VVIP, I also wanna live in a royal suite…play golf and visit abroad frequently!!! But alas! it’s nothing more than a day dream. It’s been too late to start a career in politics now. And, for us royalists, in today’s context, it’s not that easy in pursuing our political career freely because of threats from various groups including mainstream anti-monarchic parties. Anyway…I could do nothing but keep being envy of them. Will this jealousy lead me to a disaster? We can never deny the possibility.

I walk along a road (all alone) in a sweltering day….Some people are plying in luxurious limousine, I try to avoid from being hit but it’s deadly smoke and the dust cloud created by fast moving wheels leave me completely smeared in dust and smoke. Thank God, I’m saved this time from being killed by its demonic toothy tires. I rush towards a nearby salon and stare myself at mirror: my face covered in dust, my white college uniform painted in black due to smelly smoke! I become red and want to silt the car owner’s throat. I would be enjoying him begging me for mercy on him. I would enjoy him kneeling to me, bowing to me and asks for his life. Now I rule him. I become his master. Just moments ago, he was about to run over me. His car with its demonic tires was ready to create a mishap and make me a victim to be sent to somewhere rather than the earth forever! But now, he is kissing my boots and asks for mercy, his life…He cries like a child and asks with everyone to help him out of this danger, i.e. I! People fear me…I really look horrible now…my whole body shuddering…eyes red…arms getting flexed and fists being tightened……… 


Concern Of Survival

Days are going on. They have to keep going on, anyway. These days might be the most boring of my life…..I"m eagerly waiting for this Shawan month to end. Actually, I’m involving with too many people these days and it’s dang annoying for me, a recluse. And also, there’s no sign of abatement about my decreasing body weight and I’m only getting more emaciated. Who cares!. I’m not gonna care it. I don’t give a f**k. Here’s a concern for survival. Not about body…Concerns about killing starvation…not anything else than this.

सुमधुर संगीत ।

उकाली ओराली गर्दै, आँखाभरी रहर भर्दै

आँधीबेहरीसँग लड्दै, खोलानदी सागर तर्दै,

दु:ख पीडा बिर्संदै म आएँ, परदेशबाट फर्की आएँ

आफ्नै गाउँ फर्की आएँ,
नयाँ नयाँ सपना ल्याएँ ।"

आज बिहान यो गीत रेडियोमा सुनें, धेरै लामो समयपछि । नेपथ्यमा सुनेको, कसैले खोलेको रहेछ….शायद एफ एममा बजेको होला । यो गीत वास्तवमै कर्णप्रिय र मधुर छ । शब्द हरु सरल छन्, र सोनु निगमको सुरिलो स्वरले गीतलाई साँच्चै न्याय गरेको छ । प्रस्तुत ‘सीमाना’ फिल्मको गीत सुन्दा अत्यन्त रमाईलो अनुभुती भयो । एकचोटी विगतलाई सम्झें, त्यतीबेला मैले यो गीत कैयौं पटक सुनेको थिएँ र गुन्गुनाउने कोशिस पनि गर्थें । नेपाली फिल्म गुणस्तरहीन भयो भनेर सत्तोसराप गर्नेहरुले फिल्ममा समेटीएका कर्णप्रिय गीतहरुलाई नजरअन्दाज गर्नु चाहीं बिडम्बना नै मान्नुपर्छ । वास्तवमा नेपाली फिल्मका कैयौं गीतहरु अत्यन्त स्तरीय र गुणात्मक छन् । र, ती गीतहरुलाई फिल्मको प्रचार प्रसारमा व्यापक रुपमा प्रयोग गर्ने हो भने पक्कै पनि चलचित्रको व्यवसायमा केही मात्रामा सुधार हुने देखिन्छ । तर यति राम्रो गीत लेख्ने/बनाउनेले फिल्मको निर्माणमा चाहीं किन लत छोडेका हुन् कुन्नि !

Getting Gaunt

I’m getting thinner every other day….Dunno why. My mother often worries about me and always suggests to do this/that to build up my physique. But I have not paid much attention to my body. Actually, I"m quite much ignorant to my gaunt figure. I don’t go to gyms, I don’t go for jog…I really loathe to do all these stupid things. Why should I love my body?  But, according to Osho, this physical body is everything, it’s mortal that’s why we need to care it…Among soul and body, Osho suggests to love body more cos body inspires soul and we experience almost all the pleasures through this physical figure. ha ha…….There was a friend who’s a follower of Osho and who used to talk about him and his principles every time I meet him. He even provided me some books and magazines about the Yogi and I then had started giving little attention towards it.

But, almost all the Osho principles provided by him seem to be far enough to get to them, to meet them, for me; though he is largely admired in several parts of the world esp. in America and Europe. Anyway, he was a great preacher and Yogi. And whenever I hear about Osho, I  reminisce about that friend, who’s in Kathmandu now.

Rife Anrachies

The recent revolt at a APF barrack clearly alludes to the state of lawlessness and impunity rife in the kingdom. And, the impotent government is relaxing at Singh Durbar and enjoying over all these tragic happenings as if there is nothing happened in the country and everything is going fine. These kind of anarchism and impunity was never happened in the kingdom since after it’s inception but are now growing so rapidly that every sector of the country has been paralyzed, so badly that so called ”restructuring of state” would be nothing more than a hoax. In another similar happening, health workers went to a strike and people suffered badly. Same is going on courts,schools,college etc. and the government’s apathy towards these anarchy has only been boosting the impunity more and more and helping Nepal to be a failed state soon.


Some days ago, a Chinese envoy expressed his concern over India’s highhandedness on Nepal’s issues and warn the possibility of sikkimization. It’s a great shame for us. It seems, our power hungry, despotic and corrupt leaders have made us lose our sovereignty, national pride to the foreign powers like India (actually, India is still a regional power, not a global one). bla bla blah……….

Your Majesty! we are suffering much in your absence.

Hayy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!!!

June 8 (Ashar 24) is our King’s birthday. I drew a sketch of the monarch yesterday to pay homage/wish (to him).

Upcoming Disaster

‘Once Upon a Time in a Small City of Nepal, Pokhara, There Was a Beautiful Lake Called Fewa…’

It’s not my assumption/speculation only. The ongoing developments could be taken as omen of the situation I’ve mentioned just above. 

I’d had a boating in Fewa Lake on July 5, with my bro. Day was too sunny and scorching. I had visited there after a long interval of time. When I reached and had a look at the lake, I was left astonished, you know. Actually, lake was about to be covered by water-weeds.  Almost all areas were prone to those weeds floating everywhere so densely that sometimes it takes a lot of labor for boatmen to sail through them. Such scene made me wonder about its future which would surely be disastrous  if the concerned authorities keep turning deaf ears to the problems facing by this wonder. For now, the major problem of lake is densely growing water-weeds which has covered almost all of it’s area.

Uncontrolled constructions around the lake squeezing the area; disposal of household wastes into the lake etc. are other major problems it’s been facing. And also, water level is being reduced every year due to large-scale flooding in rainy days. I know, there are hundreds of NGOs working for the ‘conservation efforts’ of the Lake. But I felt that day that none of them is doing their work for it’s conservation. Actually, they are draining millions of dollars from the donors and fulfilling their own tummies in the name of conservation. This sucks.

Corruption is rampant everywhere and lack of conservation of this beautiful treasure will surely leads the lake to a disaster and it seems it’s not that far too.