Is The King To Be Blamed?

I found this news in a website.

Paras leaves for Singapore

Ex-Crown Prince Paras Shah has left for Singapore where he is said to be planning to settle with his family.

He left for Singapore by a Silk Air plane Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by his brother-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh and two seurity guards. There was no special security arrangement for the ex-Crown Prince when he arrived at the international airport.

His wife Himani and three children will fly to Singapore in a few days, reports said.

Paras had not appeared in public since the declaration of republic on May 28.

Nayapatrika daily in its Monday issue said Paras is planning to buy property in Singapore and settle there with his family. During his stay there, he will also find a school for his two daughters and a son.

Quoting sources, the daily also said the ex-Crown Prince is at odds with his father, ex-King Gyanendra, who he believes was responsible for the collapse of monarchy.


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