Upcoming Disaster

‘Once Upon a Time in a Small City of Nepal, Pokhara, There Was a Beautiful Lake Called Fewa…’

It’s not my assumption/speculation only. The ongoing developments could be taken as omen of the situation I’ve mentioned just above. 

I’d had a boating in Fewa Lake on July 5, with my bro. Day was too sunny and scorching. I had visited there after a long interval of time. When I reached and had a look at the lake, I was left astonished, you know. Actually, lake was about to be covered by water-weeds.  Almost all areas were prone to those weeds floating everywhere so densely that sometimes it takes a lot of labor for boatmen to sail through them. Such scene made me wonder about its future which would surely be disastrous  if the concerned authorities keep turning deaf ears to the problems facing by this wonder. For now, the major problem of lake is densely growing water-weeds which has covered almost all of it’s area.

Uncontrolled constructions around the lake squeezing the area; disposal of household wastes into the lake etc. are other major problems it’s been facing. And also, water level is being reduced every year due to large-scale flooding in rainy days. I know, there are hundreds of NGOs working for the ‘conservation efforts’ of the Lake. But I felt that day that none of them is doing their work for it’s conservation. Actually, they are draining millions of dollars from the donors and fulfilling their own tummies in the name of conservation. This sucks.

Corruption is rampant everywhere and lack of conservation of this beautiful treasure will surely leads the lake to a disaster and it seems it’s not that far too.


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