Rife Anrachies

The recent revolt at a APF barrack clearly alludes to the state of lawlessness and impunity rife in the kingdom. And, the impotent government is relaxing at Singh Durbar and enjoying over all these tragic happenings as if there is nothing happened in the country and everything is going fine. These kind of anarchism and impunity was never happened in the kingdom since after it’s inception but are now growing so rapidly that every sector of the country has been paralyzed, so badly that so called ”restructuring of state” would be nothing more than a hoax. In another similar happening, health workers went to a strike and people suffered badly. Same is going on courts,schools,college etc. and the government’s apathy towards these anarchy has only been boosting the impunity more and more and helping Nepal to be a failed state soon.


Some days ago, a Chinese envoy expressed his concern over India’s highhandedness on Nepal’s issues and warn the possibility of sikkimization. It’s a great shame for us. It seems, our power hungry, despotic and corrupt leaders have made us lose our sovereignty, national pride to the foreign powers like India (actually, India is still a regional power, not a global one). bla bla blah……….

Your Majesty! we are suffering much in your absence.


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