Getting Gaunt

I’m getting thinner every other day….Dunno why. My mother often worries about me and always suggests to do this/that to build up my physique. But I have not paid much attention to my body. Actually, I"m quite much ignorant to my gaunt figure. I don’t go to gyms, I don’t go for jog…I really loathe to do all these stupid things. Why should I love my body?  But, according to Osho, this physical body is everything, it’s mortal that’s why we need to care it…Among soul and body, Osho suggests to love body more cos body inspires soul and we experience almost all the pleasures through this physical figure. ha ha…….There was a friend who’s a follower of Osho and who used to talk about him and his principles every time I meet him. He even provided me some books and magazines about the Yogi and I then had started giving little attention towards it.

But, almost all the Osho principles provided by him seem to be far enough to get to them, to meet them, for me; though he is largely admired in several parts of the world esp. in America and Europe. Anyway, he was a great preacher and Yogi. And whenever I hear about Osho, I  reminisce about that friend, who’s in Kathmandu now.


One response to “Getting Gaunt

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