Waning Ocular Power

Do I really need help of specs? Yeah, eye power is getting weaker. Mainly, an old
CRT monitor is exacerbating this problem. But, I’ve no other
options too. Can’t afford a LCD monitor which might provide better relief. mm… I think, I need a long and deep sleep or any other means to stop further waning of
the power of these precious lenses. The only better
way to provide them relief is to have a long slumber…and it
helps make them soothe. I often stay up late night and wake as early
as possible because of busy scheduling of study and this hectic life
including college time has sharply curtailed my enough sleep time. Until some years ago, I
was having  a good sight and eye power in my family; but these days, I
can’t even discern not-too-distant objects properly. I miss my early teen age, you know. Books with tiny letters, protracted staring at CRT screen,
keen interest on several tabloids and magazines have been proved a menace to my eye-sight. But, I still can’t avoid them. I still have to
read piles of books, have to work on PC and I could never separate myself
from the tabloids and magazines, that means more and more damage to eyes.

Who cares! This physical body is not mine. I take it for granted. It’s given
by someone else and we forsake it in time of our departure from this
materialistic world. We claim over this body as our own, but is it
really our? Was it? Will it? If it was, then why aren’t we still a
child? Now, we are adult. This adult body is not ours, too as we’ll be
turned into an old, wrinkled soon…


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