A Misery

Someone, nay, he is one of my close friends, also a great jester told me life without a girlfriend, no matter how rich I am, how much I enjoy my life, at this young age is just a pity,not more than a misery! What nonsense! I sharply rejected his idea. He wonders how I’ve been managing it till date, it must have been hard. Later, he bridged it as far as to sex too. I just laughed off his remarks first but later after giving some attention to his amusing but considerable facts, I began musing over it. Nah, but not for so long. Anyway he really made some senses in his discourse and unlike my usual habit of ignoring these stupid girlie things, I inadvertently compelled to mull over it. Amusing? come on, it’s not. I somewhere felt myself as someone, still incomplete, lacking something (something really necessary?). Then do I need look for a girl? HOW? this might be the most daunting task to get done then. Should I try on my college girls? Damn there are not much singles left… ha  ha. Hm about online friends? Not much girls do I have as my online contacts. Oh not friends, as one of my friends (an older one), once had said we never make friends online but only contacts! This hurt me because I think I’m having a warm and cordial relationship with a girl from Kathmandu online and I’ve taken her as my closest one. Should I go a step forward and start calling her my girl? Naive….naive.  Get over of it, NOW!

I might have a bad look, not a great physique nor much money and power. I went melancholy and shudders.

We kept discoursing upon as far as to sex. He says, he often goes to brothels and douses his sexual desires. Funny? NOT. It’s not. He teaches in a school and takes sex openly…like our daily routines. But for me, these things are still very far from me to reach up to. He once had had a girlfriend but later he broke with her himself. According to him, girls are meant just for pleasure, once they are used, discard them like a rubber! ha ha. I just kept laughing on loudly. It’s not good.  Being well-educated, he shouldn’t have said/kept such evil thoughts. Anyway, I kept nodding at him but didn’t pay him much attention. 

However, His words are still resonating within me and I’m musing over it: Why don’t I have a girlfriend yet?

I’m still meloncholic. It would have been nice if there were someone close to share my very own feelings/ideas/thoughts with, i.e.  a GIRLFRIEND!


One response to “A Misery

  1. I second.
    Looks doesn\’t really matter if you\’re about serious relationship. For girls and even for boys.
    Spending after just a few weeks with what they call an " ugly " lady, you start to forget that she is ugly. What matters is sense of humor and all that.

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