Places To Die For

I have kind of veneration (enormous!) to these sites and wish (I only could wish) to visit someday, BEFORE I DIE!!!

    * Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake

    * Taj Mahal

    * African Savannah Safari

    * A visit to the space and have a look at a blue ball i.e. the earth!

Dunno whether I would be able to have a glimpse of these most revered destinations with my own eyes or would die before……Anyway I die for these places, However, mong them, Mount Kailash fancies me the most. Would the almighty god listen to my wish and help me? I know I need to be a millionaire to enjoy all these places, though visit of the space would still be unreachable for next some decades.


One response to “Places To Die For

  1. I visited Taj Mahal yesterday. Keep an eye on  my page. I\’ll upload few pics tomorrow or other day.

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