Daily Archives: August 22, 2008


She said we need to be independent financially. It
would be great if we stop asking parents for money. She was hinting at
our age, we are no longer kids  nor adolescents, at least I, if not she.
We could already have done a lot were we committed to work and labour.
Labour? When would we start admiring it? Our crude ‘capitalist’ thought:
Labour is for sale and concerns only paupers. From the post revolution
era of 2007 BS, the rightists were always prevailed in Nepalis political
scenario. Decade-long Maoists insurgency and the recent people’s
mandate in CA election has envisaged a broad view of brighter future for
prosperous Nepal; however the institution of monarchy is still
sidelined, the task will never be easy to accomplish.

brush the economy thing aside, it has already been doomed. The much concerned
subject as for now is nationalism. Some say, it’s in acute peril. Some
hold this opinion: As long as we stay in between China and India,
neither side can control us outright. As both are nuke-armed, it could
trigger a world war threat…

Etc, etc…