Daily Archives: August 30, 2008

Father’s Day…..

बाबा, तिम्रो जीवनको ऋण म कसरी तिरूँला ?!

Flu Is Killing Me

Hmm Aug-27 or Bhadra 11: my birthday. Did nothing. Having caught by severe cold and fever, I kept myself shrouded with a blanket, ah for some 2 days. Still taking Sinex, an anti-cold tablet. This photo, captured by Prince Harry (lol, its a pseudonym I use to address one of my close friends) at early morning of my b’day with his old 3.5 MP Cybershot. Actually, I was sleeping, someone knocked the door and it was none other than Harry presenting his best wishes to me. I really didn’t think he would turn up to me at my b’day, for he was going to have his most important exam the next day. I was sleeping with jeans and T-shirts on despite my bro’s repeated suggestion to not do that. He thinks we must let our body free when having rest, esp. at sleep (i.e. not to wear any clothes) so that the soul/body could get freedom and our body would then be more energized after we awake.

It kept teeming down the whole day. Once again, I remembered those victims of Koshi flood and prays for their soon rehabilitation and relief.

My Music List

  1. Violet Hill                                                      Coldplay
  2. Moving mountain (in video)                 Usher ft. Young Jeezy
  3. Love in this club                                         Usher
  4. पातबाट थोपा थोपा                                            मोहन भुषाल
  5. I’ll be loving you long time                    Mariah Carey