Dinesh Dai: Bro-cum-Friend

I’m staring at a pile of books; they vary from literature to geography, history to sociology, anthologies to verses etc. These books, I hardly bought any of them but were by Dinesh, my elder bro, bro-cum-friend. He’s a real book-lover though he doesn’t read all them. He has a strange interest on collecting books and stuffs. Am wondering which to read first and when to finish reading them! Getting impatient to browse through these white leaves! Whenever he returns from market, most of the time he brings at least a book home and presents to me. I think he keenly wants me read all the books brought by him. Ha ha. Dunno when will I complete all these thousands of leaves! It’s fun to read O. Henry ‘s, an American short story writer, stories and at the same time I just can’t stop myself praising Ramesh Wikal‘s ”Abiral Bagdachha Indraawati”. A collection of heart-wrenching stories of trafficked and exploited women made me think seriously over the efforts we can create/make to control (eradicate?) heinous crime of women and children trafficking. Those stories were so well made and narrated that it nearly made my eyes wet.

It’s now 12:32 of midnight. Sleep is still not around.


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