Growing Depression

Another depressing factor has been a lengthy, tiresome load/power-shedding. The recent decision of NEA to increase the power shedding time has not only angered the general public and industrial sector but has also fueled the growing dissatisfaction among people over the government’s poor performance and its failed ”commitments”. People have much expectation from this government because a new political force has recently led the cabinet which claims itself as ”the Messiah” of marginalized and lower class people. But, the early sign of government’s performances is quite frustrating. And, if there are no improvements in coming days, like in smooth supply of commodities, sharp cut in power shedding, easy availability of petroleum products and control of rising price of daily needed goods; this much touted government will also be another victim of an abyss, the abyss which already made Nepali congress, CPN-UML and somewhat institution of monarchy its former prays. No doubt, the same fate will  repeat on Maoists too if they don’t improve.

I endured a tiresome as well as lengthy load shedding time just minutes ago. Tried to sleep but have been a victim of insomnia after having caught by fever some days ago. Kept strolling again and again in the corridor, corridor with high ceiling and stark walls. Ceiling is really high…as high as my dreams/aims…I’ve never been able to touch these white shiny ceiling, huh? what, if same happens to my aims??!!…Being from a lower middle class family…I always have some golden dreams…like having a luxurious car, a ”Mansion”, a playboy like life with no worldly intrusions etc. I’m the king of my own. Westerners are much concerned about individual’s freedom and sternly advocate it but we people in ‘third world’ are still demanding for 33 percent of reservation for women and other kinds of reservations for other various groups.


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