Midnight Thinkings

Aha! she added an entry about Miss Nepal contest which is now deferred thanks to the protest by Maoists. She was repeating her language was not good. Met her online
yesterday, like after an epoch. Meeting her online is always a great
experience than through calls and SMSs, perhaps meeting online has become our daily routine, esp. in our early days and later it became a kind of addiction. Yesterday, I was quite delirious because of excitement and I
feared, I might have missed some of important things I want to let her

Despite being a teenager, I know not what makes
her think, behave so maturely; she suggests me on various aspects and it’s the most revered opinion I have about her.

Long festive
vacation is over; same college, same friends. Isn’t it boring?. After spending  3 years already, I’ve become kind of apprehensive now,
about future and all. I’ll be searching for a good job, will have been
admitted in a university for master degree by the end of this month(of
next year). I will initiate an organization for animal
welfare etc, etc…

The PLO leader Yasser Arafat had once said, ”Better build a shack in the ground (realism) than a castle
in the air". Civil engineering is solely for construction/building. Since
the inception of engineering in the kingdom before decades and flow of
thousands of Nepali  students to abroad for engineering education, how
many of them have made shacks for poor?  Nepal needs skyscrapers/towers for Elites or Jhupadi (shacks) for the proletariat ? They
said skyscrapers/mansions represent development, prosperity and
accused me of being regressive!


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