The Grandfather

I sometimes imagine how life would have been without grandfather at home. The ailing octogenarian has made a great impact in our lives especially mine. I really love him. He has been staying in our home since decades although he sometimes takes sojourn at uncles’. Now it seems, he’s too old to live any longer, think he could scarcely live for some months until this year ends. We know, we don’t want him die this soon but the situation sometimes compels people to think/behave differently than they were in previously. He lost his wife at 33. At such young age full of libido and potency, he managed to keep remain chaste after then and sublimate his energy into raising his children. This is the most admiring fact as to him. I came to know about it only at this Dashain when ”Thulo Buba” talked about it. He was here to receive Tika frm grandpa. I was really inspired……Dinesh dai really dislikes him cos of his oldness. My mom also gets irritated at times cos of tired of nurturing him. She has to clean her clothes, which use to be stained with spits, coughs, urine and sometimes excrement too. Despite this, She does it like her daily chores. Actually, My father is responsible to take care of grandfather not my mom, cos it is said, ”Buhaari” is not supposed to clean ”Sashuraa’s” spits, excrement, urines etc. My mom often resents about it with my father. But father….My father might be the busiest man in his area. He hardly have any leisure time at home, keeping himself busy for always in official and here-there works. My mom always talks with me in isolation that my father is always ignorant to her, even when she is ill and lying on bed. I say nothing, just become speechless. I think within myself, my beloved mom, I would become a great person, will earn more money and give you lots of pleasures, prosperity, Sukkha, Aananda etc. and whenever you became ill, I’ll take you to an expensive, sophisticated hospital where all kind of illnesses can be cured… I go emotional.

What my father is doing is also not a thing to be undermined. He’s doing for his family’s good. He’s been doing. Spending his energy, knowledge for his family, not only his family but also for his people of his area. Before Dinesh dai had a job, he was the sole bread-earner of our family. Now he is promoted too and earns handsome salary.

My mom often expresses his dissatisfaction over my dad’s ignorance to especially her. I explicitly understand it. Although my mom is illeterate, she could understand things quite widely and wisely. She is surely more liberal than dad. She often talks about politics too. And, I also keep informing her about current national and international news and other informations.


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