Let’s Sue Them!

Walk on footpath (esp. in congested residential area) is no longer easy and safe.

I felt it while walking along a footpath of either side of Bagar road, from K.I. Singh Pool to PN Campus gate. The reason was construction of numerous concrete slopes by individual households to make convey of their vehicles (esp. cars and motorcycles) easy while entering or leaving the building. Generally,  ground floors are built on upper level than road level and if we simply consider it, the making of such concrete slopes to move vehicles in and out of the houses becomes relevant and a necessity. But….and usually these slopes are constructed on the kerb and risen up to the ground floor of the building acrossing the footpath which means a absolute ‘’barrier’’ for pedestrians. Pedestrians have to suddenly divert their way while reaching those slope (or better ‘’barriers’’) onto the road, which means prone to moving vehicles and there could happen a road mishap at any time. Road is too narrow to walk safely. Even if we try to cross over these structures no doubt we would stumble! At night (moreover in load-shedding time), this problem could go even worse.

People can enjoy their rights of living in a convenient way, both pedestrians and building owners. But by building those structures everywhere and causing the pedestrians inconvenience to their walking; those slopes builders have violated the basic rights of a pedestrian. Instead of causing troubles, they could use some mobile metal structures as slopes. Very few vehicles owners are using it, though.

Could we sue them for erecting such slopes everywhere untidily and causing problems?


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