Meeting With A Tycoon

Once, a Dutch had boasted his country’s supremacy over the US, pointing on its(US) aging infrastructures (public works), long ago in ICQ chat. He tried to convince all of us (non Americans) America’s bad management of its public infrastructures including road, water supply, buildings, sewer lines etc. and how they have been being used for nearly half of a century.i.e. from the time they were built, around the second world war.
And, yesterday, I came to read about civil engineers in US giving its public works a ‘’D’’ in According to the site, none of the 15 infrastructure categories graded by the engineers got higher than a C+, and most grades were Ds.

What about Nepal? We only feel ashamed if we go broader about the quality and condition of our own civil engineering works.
Dinesh Devkota
, who is also a civil engineer has been appointed as a member of National Planning Commission recently by Maoists-led government (he’s a supporter of CPN-UML). I’ve meet him! Actually, I had heard much about his prosperity and generosity like how he became a successful person both financially and academically despite from a simple family living in the country from my family members but had never seen before. We have kind of ‘’nataa’’ too through my mom’s paternal home (Maaiti).

This winter, I got a chance to have some talks with him, in Ramchandra Dai’s wedding ceremony, at Narling Resort on Dec 12th, 2008. I was introduced by my dad. Later, we shared a same table for eating. 🙂


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