The Sweatest Day

Yesterday, I had visited PN campus to hear Arjun Narsingh KC, spokesman and co-general secretary of Nepali Congress who was due to address a mass meeting organized to welcome freshmen in PN campus. Day was sunny and little bit hot as before and we both sweated copiously when hunkering down on dried ground to listen the politician as late as till 5:30 pm. Actually I had gone there all alone but later found a junior friend and we spent the rest hours together. I felt strongly the need of umbrella. The sun has gone really intolerable in these days.

The old politician spoke at the end of the program, that’s why we had to stay there until the function ends. It was really tiresome to spend such lengthy hours waiting him to speak his mind and heart out about the current political situation and problems the educational institutions mainly TU has been facing. And, the musical performance performed for several times didn’t really please me. Actually I resented it. The way they perform, I just hate. But I liked Ramji Khaand’s folk performance in  his own live voice : ‘‘Deurali ko bhatti pasal”. Students were producing dusts all around the ground dancing and enjoying with him that made the entire surrounding environment completely hazy for some minutes. I kept covering my face with palms, protecting dusts.

KC gave his speech in his usual tone for more than half an hour. Also spoke in the program were Pradeep Paudel (President of NSU), Gagan Thapa (CA Member), Yagya Bahadur Thapa (President of NC Kaski) , Shukraraj Sharma (Leader of NC), Padam Giri (President of FSU,PN) etc.

All invited speakers spent their time to blame each other, mostly Maoists. Ironically, the function was organised to welcome new students but none of them felt they should speak at least some words welcome new students! nor did they talk about the problems TU has been facing. They all kept themselves busy with political damning and rhetoric against each-other. It s*cked.


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