Lal and Dahal

C.K. Lal and Bharat Dahal are my favorites columnists. Lal writes in ‘हिमाल खबरपत्रिका’  (a fortnightly) and Dahal in ‘नेपाल’, a weekly. Although, I’m not subscribed to any, I buy Himal and read Nepal on the web. 

I’ve been a regular reader of हिमाल खबरपत्रिका since 2056, Ashwin. Am not only a reader but I also boast a good collection of the magazine dates back to approx. a decade ago. One of the cupboards (bookshelf?) is filled up with hundreds of Himal magazines. I also had a good collections of विमोचन, युवामन्च, नवयुवा, मुना etc. Although no such magazines are available now in my ‘library’, I hope they were used for good purposes (I provided them to a local library, which is no longer in operation, under their special request). Now, I remorse for giving those ‘precious’ collections away for nothing.

I had a sort of craze for ‘’युवामन्च‘’. I was mere 12 when I started reading the youth magazine. Although I was never subscribed to this magazine too, I think I hardly missed any copies. I would go melancholy when I was unable to get a new volume of the magazine soon after its arrival in the bookshops. I remember, my sis had gone market and returned without the magazine, and I had gone so ’sad’ that I didn’t take meal that night. I really ‘adored’ the magazine but later it ‘’re-energized’’ itself with more pages, colour and adult contents (with more girls’ pictures), and since then I found not worthy to buy the magazine any longer and stopped.

Now, हिमाल खबरपत्रिका has been catering me, mostly about the politics and other current affairs.


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