The Most Envied Place

Heard, Chhimkeshwori Mahotsav is being held for 3 days, from today. Subash Dai provided me some information. I still wonder how such Mahotsav could be organized at such remote place. Anyway, I love that place and always wish to be there. But this time, damn we missed the Mahotsav. Tomorrow is Fagu Purnima i.e. Holi, the possible influx of people on the eve of the Holi to the Chhimkeshwori Mountain will help make the Mahotsav more enjoyable and crowdy….. Fagu Purnima and New Year are the days, when lots of people visit the temple, located on the hilltop of Chimkeshwori although It sees a good number of people visiting the site throughout the season of ‘’Laligurans’’ i.e. Rhododenron, from beginning of Fagun to mid Baisakh.

The place is really beautiful and also equally scenic. Chilling cliffs, hugeness of the mountain, scenic beauty seen from the hilltop, abundance of Laligurans forest, beautiful country scenes around have made the mountainous site a  place worth to visit. I still miss the village ‘’Bhaange‘’ and ‘’Labdi‘’. Last time we visited the place was on 1st of Baisakh, 2065 i.e. New Year day.

Now, I’m really missing that beautiful place. But I hope, we could soon make a visit there. Let’s see.

(Written on March 9, 2009)


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