They are WOWs!

Today, enjoyed Michael Jackson mvids with a ”full taste” although I already had watched some of them like ‘they don’t care about us’, ‘blood on dance floor’ etc. Actually, those videos were stored in a computer in a LAN of Pinet, a local ISP and because of it’s LAN, some computers could be accessed from my Pentium III.

Jackson’s videos were amazing and awesome, among them ‘Thriller‘ is just beyond our general perception to mvids, where depiction of zombies (or in another word ‘zombification’ ?) are peculiarly arranged. His ”moonwalk”, wow stage performance, visual excellence and makeups adopted in videos, concerts at that time, some 25/30 years ago are just astounding. Moreover, ‘Thriller’ has distinguished fame among his other mvids. Zombies act in ‘Thriller’…Oh! so scary. The video, however, was trimmed. I must download full, which is approx. 14 mins. long, released in 1983 and included in the album ”Thriller”. You know, people thronged the music stores from the early morning 1 a.m. for the very album but the actual distribution was slated to start from 9 a.m. on the first day of launch of the album; I read on a site.

You guys know, though he was born as African-American, how he got his skin ‘so white’? Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? Actually it’s been told that he’s been suffering a skin disorder called ‘Vitiligo’. His nose has been ‘modified’, it’s obvious. LOL


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