Frugal Me

My old Nokia 1600 has got no balance for days. But, still I could receive calls and messages. I really don’t want to recharge it and moreover I’ve gone bankrupt. Don’t have a single penny. Some days ago, my bro had given me some Rs.15,00 to buy a jeans and I even went Mahendra Pool for it but then I realised myself as ‘clumsy’, ‘demented’, ‘boring’, ‘old-school’  and ‘bad-looking’ & I gave up, returned home instantly and handed back the sum to my bro untouched. On his interrogation, I replied I’ll see later.

There is actually no one outside my family members I dial numbers to. I’ve not given up, till today, calling HER although her mobile was blocked long ago soon after the calamity. May be I troubled her much. You guys may find it amusing, and some could deem it ridiculous too that I’m too loath to receive any calls. Often halt all receiving calls when they are still ringing no matter where they come from. I only want HER, not actually others’. Will I ever be able to have my mobile ringed (by her)? I pray for that…On 15th March, Dad called me; I was amazed. But I halted that call too. But later, I felt bad, my principle really can’t let me snub my most revered person, i.e. father (Parents are God) and few seconds later, I myself ringed his mobile (he was in office) and talked for minutes; and as a result, balance in my Nokia 1600 went zero.

Actually, I never got interested on mobile things; a plain set works for me. But, I’ve been running out of memory for text messages now. Only 72 messages could be stored in this prosaic set; most of SMSs stored in it are HER’s.

I  used Mero Mobile SIM card, for some months. Later, my father provided me a Nepal Telecom Pre-Paid SIM card.

Where is our Sony Cybershot 5.1 megapixel lost? I miss that camera. Actually, my bro is to be blamed for the missing. He said that he had given it to his friend for some days; but it never returned home again. It has already been months.  


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