Divine Retribution(?)

I said hi.

And after minutes, she replies ‘‘hi’’

I asked how r ya

‘’I’m gr8′’

u took longer to reply, why ?

what r u doing?

‘’ya, worldlink aaucha ni laato’’

‘’ya, I’ve got a new prince from pokhara; another chance!’’

…and suddenly I woke up gasping, trembling.That was a dream I saw just moments ago, was talking in MSN Messenger with HER; lines are exact and verbatim. After the nightmare, was trembling. Turned on the computer and now writing here. Time is 5:10 am. I’m still shuddering. Why did I have to experience such nightmares? May be as a divine retribution for my wrongdoings, sins and hideousness…

I weep copiously within myself again.


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