Royal Rhetoric

Crown prince Paras speaks up! In an exclusive interview in Singapore’s second highest circulating newspaper: The New Paper. But disappointingly; he has come heavily on the then crown prince Dipendra blaming him solely for the royal carnage that took place at bloodiest night of June, 2001. He has denied any active involvement in the incident; much opposite to what the public perceive of the massacre: an alleged pre-planned intrigue with direct involvement of King Gyanendra‘s family laden with a ambition of leading the most powerful institution of the kingdom. People often charge King Gyanendra and crown prince Paras for the crime where as a small number of people believe the slaughter was accomplished by the then crown prince (Dipendra) himself. Imo, neither of these surmises is truthful. No one knows who actually had conducted the killings within the much-coveted landmark in Nepal. People were deprived of the must-know news of the palace and there might have kind of ill-activities bloomed over the time which eventually paved a way to almost ending of the centuries-long institution. What a tragedy! I don’t think the prince has spoken from bottom of his heart. But what he unveiled after nearly 7 years of the massacre has raised some of never-revealed concerns that could be taken in account for making those who are blindly biased about the incident stand on the facts.
Some believe, the empty rhetoric the prince has revealed is a response to the recent announcement of possible revival of the investigation of the carnage by PM Dahal. He told it when he was attending an inauguration ceremony of opening of the palace-turned-museum to public. I don’t think the prince needs to give clarification. Actually the revered institution of monarchy is always untouched and these impotent, corrupted and power-hungry cunning leaders can do nothing, they even can’t pluck a single hair of the institution. They,  paper tigers just ‘roar’ in speeches. THEY ARE IMPOTENT. Anyway, whatever the thing is; we people have already excused the wrongdoings happened in the history, not for this time only, but for several throughout the modern history of Nepal. So it will be better to leave the things behind to be judged by the history itself. History does justice to everyone, from the serfs to emperors (King Gyanendra was made abdicate!). Otherwise, the fresh prospect of confrontation in political circle could plunge the nation furthermore into more chaos and lawlessness because from GPK, MKN to Baburam Bhattarai, PM Dahal along with top personnel of bureaucracy, political parties and most importantly the Royal Nepalese Army are connected with the carnage directly or indirectly. (After the massacre, Bhattarai wrote in a national daily that his party had kind of ‘unpronounced’ contact and relation with the palace)
              (Crown Prince with Chinese President Hu-Jintao)
I am remain distressed as ever but could not stop myself from scrawling something in my dearest diary today when I went through the website of The New Paper where the exclusive interview of the crown prince was published. After all, I’m a royalist. I still say, only a harmonious co-operation of constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy could lead Nepal into peace and prosperity; no others.


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