Enigmatic Experiences

A feline shape appears right in front of me at some metres’ distance. Dark or daylight, I know not. Where I was, in jungle or one of allies? No memory. The shape of human size was not crawling but standing like a human. It’s eyes were glimmering in the horrific dark backdrop of its black fur. I was still; like numb. Suddenly, the figure convulses whereas I am still standing still. It starts approaching me slowly. Terror reigns over me. Could I confront with the figure? Even if I could, alas! I was numb. But before almost devoured by the figure; I make a squeak and…….I wake up from a deadliest nightmare.
Dunno, how I got to see such deadly nightmare. I am still badly terrified the way that feline creature stared at me, its horrific yellow eyes were glimmering so fiercely. Now I figure out it must have been a werecat. But werecat in dreams? What it signs for? I was quite determined that no horror things on the earth could scare me now for I was too much obsessed with morbidity that I was gradually being rid of any kind of horrors. But dunno; why I scared to the bone today. I’m trembling NOW although it happened just in dream some minutes ago. This twilight, I had slept empty bowl, early, as early as 7:30pm. After the incident, I opened my workstation and now writing here: my diary, my closest friend.
I’m having such nightmares often these days after long time. Just yesterday night; there was another terrible as well as weirdest nightmare : I was a  mere impotent witness of a tragedy where a girl (of 3/4) trips into the gorge of Seti when passing through the gorge via a log and eventually she perished within its dark. Later I was arrested and convicted. Dunno; Why I have got to go through such unpleasant and enigmatic experiences.


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