Goodbye 2065!

Today, the last day of year 2065. A year of betrayal. People suffered ordeals like price-hike, political instability, insecurity along with rampant impunity, lengthy load shedding hours, fuel crisis, numerous strikes, road blockades, politicization of every sector most notably in Pashupatinth Temple and Royal Nepal Academy over the new appointment of officials the most in this year. I don’t think the monarchy was evicted. The King had abdicated on his own will as well as also as per people’s wants. He would come back soon 🙂 I’ve been suffering huge memory loss nowadays. Can’t understand even a single line properly unless I repeat it again and again. It is tedious. But who cares about study? It could never be more important over my life which is already being troubled.
Again caught up with goddamn cold
Today; I kept playing with this virtual diary: My close confidant. I customized it. It has been a great friend. Since beginning of the dawn, I’m feeling myself warmed up i.e. a fever with possible common cold. It often goes worse with high fever and dislike for meal. Damn..I’m too prone to it 😦 I’ve not stopped wearing fleece yet although summer has already arrived. I think I could not quit it until I get over this goddamn cold. I shiver when I miss the fleece, you believe?
Lacking an Inspiration
I’ve thought writing about Karnali but been lacking an inspiration 😦 Where to find it? Tomorrow, the new year is going to be as usual as other days. I’ll not go outside of my dungeon; I’m quite sure of it. Don’t even know if I could be sent some happy new year messages for I already made myself oblivious of all friends and well wishers.

…And He is Rescued!

Finally, US Navy snipers killed Somali pirates and rescued Richard Phillip after lingering stalemate. I had kept myself being updated with the story by shadowing the news in, my favourite news site.


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