Dialectical Materialism

Been trying to concentrate on Dialectical Materialism, one of the main principles of Marxism along with my f**king academic duty. Had heard the term ‘Dialectical Materialism’ (द्वन्दात्मक भौतिकवाद) as early as in my school days but never paid keen attention. Actually, I’d read an excerpt of it on a book some days ago and it whetted my appetite. And, the Internet is always there to assist.
I’ve never been an apologist of communism nor any other political ‘isms’. But being a ‘proletarian’ (in communist language), I might advocate for equality i.e. egalitarianism. Marxism is the finest principle but very sadly it is being misinterpreted as a system of totalitarianism, dictatorship achieved via bloody revolution. I still lack even a moral support for any political party but monarchy and I hold grudge equally against all political parties in Nepal. To which party, do I caste my vote? I don’t know, for I’ve already decided to be abstained if republic really goes in practice. 


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