Contemplating a Parricide

I came to meet a guy from Lakeside who is slightly ‘mentally disturbed’ like me and is contemplating about committing a parricide. Parents have become foes for him and he holds strong grudge against them. He has a abject disdain for them for they simply didn’t move along with his wants, wishes. He loves a girl but his parents didn’t like it and made him marry another woman whom he has not touched yet thought It has been almost months of marrying. Having been involved in debauchery life soon after his separation from the girl he loves, he is now considering a parricide in near future before perishing himself, for he wants to retaliate against his parents, who he thinks separated him from his love for loving a lower-caste girl. He is a Brahmin and his girlfriend was ‘Newar’ and his parents simply rejected the relation and married him to another girl. Still a young to endure all these ordeals, he left his study (he was mere +2 student) since then and now leading a debauchery life and also working as a tattooist in his home place. I calmly listened his story but hated his idea of committing a parricide. I told him parents are incarnations of God no matter how they behave, act, they always want our good, progress. They never want us suffer. He didn’t listen to me for he was already determined to retaliate. He further added, he would never touch any other woman but her, his love who resides in Kathmandu, a permanent dweller of Kathmandu.
I told him (It was not suggestion nor advice), he did mistake by ‘falling in love’ in such young age and early years of youth and things would have been different had they both been matured ones and job-holders.  After a while, he talked about a packet of ‘Surya’ cigarette boastfully, which was bought by his father for him. I shared my story too.  Since then, we’ve become friends. I still can’t believe he has a contempt for his god-like parents and wants to murder them soon. It’s horrific. It’s his insanity. If to talk about me, I blame him for his misery. It was not right age and time to start a relationship which affects the whole life. He’s too young to fall in love and later to manage it and culminate it to a marriage, the climax of love of unmarried couple. Love is not blind but people themselves are. It’s not done in hurry nor the concerned sides should seek the result as early as possible. Imo, It needs a great degree of patience, understanding, devotion, trust and affection. Neither of these components could make a love success alone, they all are supplementary.
Do you believe it? We hardly.
Another weird incident.. A dentist friend told me that he once had  almost 16 nights slumber  with two nurses on a single bed. Actually, it dates back to some years ago when he was in training course and was posted outside Kathmandu valley, somewhere in Kavre district. Where due to dearth of commodities, he had to slept with two nurses on his either sides on a single bed every night . He says he might have unwittingly touched them while in sleep but never had had any erotic thoughts. Otherwise he could not have stopped himself from going erotic. He controlled his virility even in such weirdest situation. What a power! he repressed it within himself. According to him, he kept sleeping with them for almost 16 nights. He revealed, he was liked by both girls.
He now runs a well-known ‘Suraksha Dental’ at Chipledhunga. I was astonished, still am. It’s hilarious too, too hard to believe. But It’s a truth.
A must-read article
This is a must-read article by Shree Krishna Aniruddha Gautam, a columnist of Nepal weekly where he has described the changing context of present social norms and values, straining relationship between teacher and students while condemning the shameless act of smearing soot on VC of TU, Pro. Shree Madhav Sharma :


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