My Music List

  1.  Dead and Gone                                                                T.I. ft. JT (Paper Trail)
  2.  Me and My Girlfriend                                               2pac
  3.  Day Dreaming                                                                 DJ Drama ft. Akon, Snoop Dogg, T.I.
  4.  Red magic                                                                         The Game ft. Lil Wayne
  5.  I’m at war                                                                           Sean kingston ft. Lil Wayne

Prince Harry came with his newly-owned acer Laptop this morning and stayed for hours with me. The Notebook was sent by his bro who is in Malaysia (or Dubai? I forgot). He is still a rookie in computer stuffs and I was really envious of his laptop. Using laptop has always been a want which is just impossible with mere earnings of some thousands per month herein Nepal. Whatever…my bro is also heading abroad. Let’s see.. ha ha ha ha. I helped him in installing software.


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