Lavish Celebration

A wardrobe of fine Indian woods cost more than 70,000 Rs., a Four-poster of same quality of nearly 50,000 Rs., a pair of chairs of more than 12,000 Rs.!!! and so on…All these extra expensive items were given to our Ramchandra dai in his wedding by bride’s side as a dowry. Bride’s family are millionaires, indeed. They work in various INGOs and UN offices in Nepal. Although, our side was not as rich and affluent as them and I know we could never be also.

Ramchandra Dai’s wedding ceremony was really an extravaganza; especially it was made such from bride’s side. They had organized the ceremony at a resort-cum-hotel in Mulpaani near Saakhu, Kathmandu. 

I was amazed and inspired too when I knew he’s going to marry a girl whom he met online at first. Yes, they met online and gradually their affinity went closer and closer. The return of the girl from abroad proved to be an impetus for their cordial relationship which eventually culminated in marriage… And now, they have tied the knot and living a happy life.

Best wishes for their happy married life.

Here are some pictures from the wedding ceremony held on 12th Dec.2008.



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