Lacking Inspiration

Diary was left unwritten for almost a fortnight. Actually, I was lacking an inspiration. Not all but many attempts/works needs some sort of inspiration to carry out. After enduring  nearly a year-long-like month, I came to receive an email 2 days ago from her which helped me refreshed a little. I again loved her, much more than before. She’s my inspiration, indeed.

Ramchandra Dai is coming Pokhara tomorrow for his official work (He works in Family Planning Association, Central Office, Pulchowk, Lalitpur). He is often busy attending meetings and visiting several places within the kingdom and abroad too. Still in early 30s, he has achieved a greater degree of success in his professional career. But he will not stay with us, for he has already booked a luxurious hotel in here. I’m envious of his luxurious professional life.

BJP’s stunning defeat to INC in recently held general election has saddened  even non-Hindus. While browsing Indian news sites and blogs extensively (along with TV and Radio updates) for the poll’s latest updates and news, I found this comment quite worth-considering : ”’I am not a Hindu though I have Hindu heritage. I was looking forward to INC’s defeat mostly because I vehemently am opposed to the idea of dynasty. India is a republic not a monarchy. I am seriously disappointed by the disastrous performance of BJP.”

What say ? I suggest India be declared a kingdom and coronation of one of Gandhi descendants (What about Soniya ? or Rahul ?) soon be held….. HA HA HA HA HA HA….

The bitter end of 26 years-long LTTE insurgency has landmarked Sri-Lankan history.  Associated Press writes :  The Tamil Tigers were considered one of the world’s best armed and most sophisticated insurgencies, with a conventional army, artillery pieces, a significant naval wing and even a nascent air force. But government forces ousted the rebels from the shadow state they controlled across a wide swath of the north in recent months and brought the group to its knees.

Today, was busy browsing news sites searching stories/updates/ information about LTTE and the final battle which apparently swept  rebels out their area and ended decades long civil war in the island. Lately saw on TV, a cadaver of Velupillai Prabhakaran laid on the ground along with his aides. The iconic rebel leader has finally been perished. I heard about him, when I was mere 11, for the first time and tt had just been 11 years since he waged a violent war for separate state for minority Tamil. His interview titled as ‘I’ve not meet my family for 11 years’ ( I still remember this line and a photo of him attached) was published in a leftist magazine ‘Abhiyaan‘ which my dad brought home and I came to read it. As usually, at such young age, I had a very limited knowledge  about what is politics, rightist/leftist, what is communism, guerrilla warfare etc. However, we had already started reading ‘Mulyankan‘ monthly since such early age and it had somewhat helped me earn political knowledge. I kept reading ‘Mulyankan’ until I left school (for college). Shyam Shrestha, a well-known member of civil society,  was editor of the monthly then. I don’t know who is leading the popular leftist magazine now. I also heard from teachers while in school more about LTTE and Prabhakaran.  Ramchandra Naral sir would praise LTTE rebels’ courage, swiftness and determination frequently, I recall. He often told us that they preferred to kill themselves with cyanide capsules tied to their chest/neck around than surrender and leak information to enemies. We used to get thrilled at his narration.

Violence could never be acceptable, but, for rights and dignity, one is compelled to embrace it if peaceful means repeatedly fall in deaf ears. Prabhakaran  did same. I praise him for his unwavering fighting to secure minority Tamil’s rights,  dignity and liberation. But violence is always deplorable.

May your soul rest in eternal peace, Mr. Prabhakaran, a hero!


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