Happy Marriage!

”Hey beyman kina birseko 18 gate mero wedding ma aaunu la”
I was writhing on bed. Nokia 1600, the only gadget I’ve for now rang at around 10:30 pm yesterday night. It was a text message from Sangeeta, who’s going to start her nuptial life soon. Her marriage is slated for 18th of Jestha. I met her months ago, before the calamity ruined me. Actually, Sundar, her bro had arranged a meeting with her in a local tea-shop herein Bagar. I really was not aware of our meeting until I left astounded to find her claiming her chair in front of us; she appeared so suddenly. I know, Sundar did it all clandestinely. Felt a little odd to find her with us, for I had never seen her before and was not used to such sudden meeting. Anyway, She’s a girl with tom-boyishly massive and strong body. Later, I knew, she’s been in sports and a good basketball player. We exchanged some words but she left soon. During the meeting, Sundar acted as a bridge assisting both of us in sharing our things. Ha Ha Ha Ha…So funny. She left telling she would want to have such meeting again. Since then, we started to be in touch with textings and telephoning. I had long ago sensed that Sundar wants me make a friendship with his sister. For what? Did he want me fall in love with her? Don’t take me wrong. I know I sensed it from his remarks for many a times.
After the calamity, I left texting, telephoning her. Was oblivious of almost all of my friends since the disaster. But still, She managed to be in touch with textings from her side. She invited me on several gatherings with her friends and bro, but I only kept refusing them lying her I’m ill. I must say sorry that I denied her several times. I’m sorry for it. She never knew what had been/have been happening on me, she never knew the disaster. Now, she’s going to have a typical arrange marriage. No one in my circle had predicted that she would one day go for arrange marriage for she’s such a chatty, frank and tomboyish girl. Amazing! After all, it’s destiny which decides our fate/future. I’m again sorry that despite her and bro’s solemn invitation, I’m unable to make my presence at her wedding ceremony. I dread people. Dunno if I’ve become an absolute misanthropic. I already hold a grudge against women.
Anyway, Happy Marriage and Married Life,  Sangeeta! You must have been thrilled anticipating the forthcoming incident, which usually happen only once in our lives. So, savour the moments!


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