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असार पन्ध्र को शुभकामना !

आज असार पन्ध्र, अनि राष्ट्रिय धान दिवस पनि । हामी किसानहरुको महान पर्व । मानो रोपेर मुरी फलाउने दिन ।  यसवर्ष लामो खडेरीले सबैलाई आहत पार्र्यो । मनसुन भर्खरै शुरु भएको छ, आशा गरौं अबका दिनहरु किसानका लागि अनुकुल हुनेछन् ।

आज, हिलोमा खेल्ने र  थालभरी दही चिउरा मुछेर खाने दिन ।

सुनिन्थ्यो, आजको दिनमा राजा-रानीले पनि हिलो खेल्छन् रे !  के  नारायणहिटी दरबारको भव्यताभित्र राजा ज्ञानेन्द्र र रानी कोमलले कहिल्यै हिलो खेले होलान् ? कसरी पत्याउने ! खैर, यो  एउटा लोकोक्ति हो ।


Emblem of Michael Jackson!

Never saw this sign before. Could it be deemed as an emblem/logo of late King of Pop? I found the photo on Yahoo! News.

A perfect logo; a crown atop J, symbolizing he’s King of Pop.

                                                                           (Mourning fans ) 

King to Break Ice

Finally, after little more than a year he abdicated, King Gyanendra is going to speak his mind on the eve of his 63rd birthday on 23rd Ashadh, 2066; a Nepali weekly reported. I went to know about it on nearly a week ago. What will he speak about? Surely about his country and countrymen, deteriorating condition of the kingdom. His aides have been reporting that the monarch is gravely worried about the country’s prevailing situation, gripped by chaos, impunity, mushrooming insurgencies though the bloody war of a decade has apparently brought to an end (but only to produce more of such?). We only could anticipate for better now. His  address has been foreseen as an important event but has also been dubbed by the henchmen of GPK, MKN and Prachanda as an intrigue allegedly to restore monarchy. 

The gone year failed more severely than it’s predecessors in every front. It could not bring even a drop of joy to our lives, instead it only worsened things, virtually everything. We were told that 2065 will be historic cos the monarch had abdicated and ‘Janata’ were in ‘power’ and Nepal will embark on peace and prosperity. And after a year..Now, the result is here: more chaos, crises, historic price hike, sprouting insurgencies, endangered nationalism and sovereignty, acute power shortage, numerous strikes and road-blockades, impunity, dirty political practices, revival of same old and hated power struggle between political parties and so on..We could easily come to inscribe an epic if we keep listing the ordeals. Thus, we could conclude here: The kingdom really isn’t progressing in absence of monarchy; instead it only has gone worse. The so called practice of republic has only brought ordeals. Previously, until the king abdicated; institution of monarchy was being dubbed as a sole reason for Nepal’s underdevelopment. Now tell me, do you still see the monarchy as an obstacle to prosperity and development? Answer is easy: Republic has been declared at expense of sovereignty and peace as per India’s want, for NOTHING else! Shame on you GPK, Yadav, Prachanda and MKN, and yea India too!

Down with you bastards!

We’ve to keep our country from being changed into another ‘Sikkim‘. We must stop these bastards from being another ‘Lendhup Dorje’.

Long live King and Queen!!!

Long live the institution of monarchy!!!

Long live Nepal!!!

About me :*Impatiently waiting him speak!*

Goodbye Mike!

Didn’t get up of bed this morning until the clock
hit 8:45. Was staying lately last night watching ‘Confederation Cup
2009′. When woke lately, there I felt slight headache and eye ache.
Somehow I managed to get up of bed, put jeans on and sat in front of my
‘workstation’ waiting as usually for to open. Tea was already
getting cold on table. OH!….It reads ‘Michael Jackson dies at
50’…..huh? I really didnt believe it at first, thought it might be
someone else named same as Michael Jackson, not the King of Pop. But after digging
deep into the news to make sure his death and believe myself, I was
finally confirmed. Every news and celebrity sites such as:
Yahoo,MSN,TMZ,E!Online,TIME,BBC etc, I didn’t leave any of them unread.
Anyway He is the departed now.
Since then, I’ve been restive. Like billions of his fans,people; I’m also
stunned, mourning his sudden demise and still wishing he’d not died.
writes: Billboard magazine editorial director Bill Werde said Jackson’s
star power was unmatched. "The world just lost the biggest pop star in
history, no matter how you cut it," Werde said. "He’s literally the
king of pop."

Blogger Billy Johnson of Hiphop media training
writes: ‘……This type of legacy cannot be erased by even the most
horrible of charges and allegations. His music and performances are
historic and forever engrained in our hearts.’

 Goodbye Mike. May your departed soul rest in eternal peace.

TV and Internet assisted my restiveness  go calm. All the day, we some friends discussed about the legendary pop star. Day was bit cloudy. The sun was kept shrouded in clouds. Air , a little cold.

I was in early years of my life (I’s born in 1984) when he reached the peak of fame in 80s.

Beautiful TWO

I find this song really worthy and beautiful to listen to. A typical Nepali ‘Jhyaaure’ folk song; I consider, this might be one of the very few masterpieces of famous folk singer and musician Narayan Rayamajhi. Aspiring Bishnu Majhi has performed as a songstress in this duet.

हाँसेर बोलिदेऊ माया यसैगरी भेट कहिले हुन्छ र

And another one, this English song by The Dream is pleasantly slow. Mvid is also great. I’ve been enjoying these two songs quite for some days.

My Love – The Dream

The Busiest Dad

He might be one of the busiest men around. His cellphone keeps ringing from early hours till he retires and It often annoys/disturbs us. Mom always complain about it and we in a humorous way suggest him to appoint a private assistant to manage his phone calls and look after his hectic schedule. Ha Ha Ha..Though He’s just another head of a soaring lower-middle class, He’s actually no less busier than those of high ranked white collar job-holders. After having been assigned recently to another duty along with the old one and involvement on several social organizations, he now has more hectic work schedule. Now I think, He could have earned millions more Had he been involved into fraud and corruption and irregularities. But He always maintained a clean and good image and kept himself away off those immoralities. I’m not being blind to him just because he’s my father but a fair analysis  about a person, who  toils at his duty for sake of his people and society. Do u find it excessive?

A 52 years-old bloke, with fairer skin and a moderate height; he weighs more than 65 Kg, I presume. He seldom has enough hours to spend with us, for he’s always busy even on holidays. I’ve barely seen him enjoying  weekend at home with  family.

He passed I.A. in around 2035 B.S, but never graduated. English paper hindered his graduation from being accomplished.


Now, He’s mulling over taking a voluntary retirement from his nearly 30-years long civil service. The government has recently announced a voluntary retirement package for its civil servants who already have served more than 30 years in office and are now 50+ with a reward of handsome purse. Firstly, I didn’t want him take such retirement. But later, thought now Its time  for him to retire and take rest. Dinesh Dai is already involved in a good job and I’m too going to graduate soon. Some two millions of rupees, all he could get from the retirement along with his pension intact for his lifetime. He’s been thinking to invest the amount to assist on buying a piece of land somewhere, where as Dinesh Dai has expressed his mind on saving it to a bank. Do they listen to me If I propose to invest that 2 million rupees on a business ? I think NO. They fear of bankrupt in business. No one in our Khanal family (?) has dared to venture into it yet. But I’ve always loved and advocated starting a business. Business makes yourself  a boss. You have your own world where you rule others. 😀  You could get prosperity far sooner with it than any other works,jobs. But It needs a great degree of experience, patience, knowledge, courage, investment and tactics and cunning too. You agree?

He’s been a great dad. Need I elaborate more?  Everyone love their parents, so do I.

I must say : One of very few things I could feel proud on is, his  devotion to his work, people and society and his clean and good image. We’re really inspired by his deeds. He lives more for his society than family.  


Cries over the alleged slaughter of a college girl in Kathmandu has rattled the media for some days. I don’t know why her alleged death has gained so much media hype and attention. Just because she’s from a affluent family and smart and beautiful girl ? Hundreds of people die piteous deaths cos of hunger and shortage of even a Sitamol in rural areas throughout the year, but they never make any such big news and hype in media. What’s it ? Just because they live in penury and have no influence in national life ? The media and people’s cry over the girl’s death is just ridiculous. More humanitarian and appalling crises in rural and marginalized community are rampant within our country not too far from Kathmandu, some are within its vicinity. Alas! But they are never heard. They never make any such big news in Kathmandu-based elite medias. 

We already have witnessed more shocking and heinous deaths than this girl’s during the decade long Maoists insurgency. Nothing to be shocked at  her alleged death. Cry over it is just a sheer ridiculousness. If you can, cry over those people surviving in acute penury and who often die cos of lack of single dose of Sitamol in Nepal.

Piteous Sight

This photo depicts one of the piteous sights of ongoing insurgencies and civil-wars in various African countries. (I found this photo on Yahoo! News some days ago.) When asked about Rwandan Genocide in 1994, the then U.S. President Bill Clinton has recently told in Canada that the genocide could have been stifled had US Army been deployed there in time. He cited, it was almost impossible to deploy such a huge number of army, capable enough to contain genocide launchers, instantly. And, even if the deployment was accomplished, by that time the massacre, no doubt, could have never been prevented from reaching its worst. The US along with other world powers including ”impotent” and ”eunuch” UN kept enjoying the bloodshed which claimed more than 8,00,000 in mere 100 days, one of the world’s worst and horrific mass human killings. I often demand, ‘the impotent’ UN be dissolved, for it has been acting as an absolute ”puppet” of the US and has failed on its main principle, i.e. maintaining peace and security all over the world. Let’s not talk about numerous civil wars of Africa. Afghanistan and Iraq alone are fresh examples of incompetence of the UN and  explicit imperialism of the US, where imperialism/colonialism in the guise of ‘democracy’ is being practiced at the expense of peace and hundreds of thousands of precious human lives.

Africa along with other third-world countries is riddled with acute humanitarian crises for decades. But instead of paying attention (in the least) to their sufferings, world’s most influential powers such as the US, Russia, Britain etc. are vying for nuclear supremacy and are now targeting their wrath on poor North Korea and Iran. And the IMPOTENT and INCOMPETENT U.N. has been enjoying the pitiful scenes on behalf of the US. WHAT A PATHETIC!….Sack Ban Ki Moon! He’s a SERVANT of the US. Dissolve South Korea and Israel, for they were established on interest of the US! They are virtually the 51th and 52nd states of the US. Down with them!


                         (Taken in 2007, in this photo, a Somalian boy drinks water from a muddy pond)

Though we  have already been through no less than such ordeals and pitiful sights in decades-long civil war between the government and Maoists within our Nepal and elsewhere in Africa and other insurgency-ridden countries, this scene might be more piteous and appalling.