Chronicle Of Lies And We Fools

The Himalayan kingdom has been plunged into total confusion, impunity, chaos, strikes, price-hike, power shortage, insurgencies, violence,  uncertainties and so on with other numerous appalling happenings . Who are to be blamed ? What could be the instant resolution to our grueling present ? Political leaders are always to be blamed, It has become like a ‘cult’. The constitutional king was also not out of controversies and untouched. The so-called civil society has become mere ”puppet” of some political parties and lately, It seems, some prominent personalities are inclined to either ultra rightists, such as: NC or to revolutionary Maoists. Thronging of civil society leaders into ‘Shital Niwas’ in protest of Rambaran Yadav’s unconstitutional move has made many of us believe that they are actually advocating Maoists nowadays more vigorously. Though I always hold contempt for those so-called civil society leaders; I offer my moral support for their effort of gaining civil supremacy over the army and end of two parallel power practices (by PM and Yadav) now. There is barely any sign (and hope among people) that could foresee the peace and stability in the kingdom in coming days. 

We were lied by several times. The first of such lie is dated back to takeover of king Gyanendra in 19 Magh 2061.  He somewhat appeased people by visiting to their places and promising them of better future, prosperity and peace. But he could do nothing leading him into a complete failure thus making him only unpopular among his countrymen. Then Political leaders including NC, Maoists, UML assured us of better future and brought people in streets against king thus giving rise to popular Spring Uprising or better say Jana-Aandolan 2. What did we gain after the Aandolan ? only a reinstated House of Parliament, that too for some elite leaders and MPs only, at the cost of numbers of casualties and innocent lives. Since then, We endured for nearly 2 years in hope of peace and prosperity; at the same time we were much aware of the assurances being faded away. Numbers of insurgencies in Terai, Eastern hills were being sprouted and weeks-long general strikes, obstructions of highways were becoming common and the most popular means of protest. And again, we were deceived by telling that CA election will carry all our and nations plights away and we’d soon be presented our own constitution which  has still been widely viewed as a threshold of peaceful and prosperous Nepal. We didn’t give  our patience up thanks to we Nepalis’ cult of tolerance. CA election held at the cost of billions from state coffer. Nepalis widely participated in the poll in hope of what they were assured by political parties. Result ? We are living witnesses of the situation. Maoists sprung up as the biggest party as much contrast to the pre poll speculations and presumptions. We people believed that Prachanda, the leader of decade-long bloody insurgency ( we must reckon, It helped raise political, cultural, social and economical awareness among Nepalis most considerably, for the first time in Nepal’s history, though in cost of thousands of  lives) would lead the country into peace and prosperity. But the dark clouds of betrayal had already started to appear in the sky of our hopes/wants. From one to another, series of such betrayals started to happen. First of them is delaying of appointment of Prachanda as Prime minister and It was cos of power-hungry, despotic , corrupted GP Koirala, his henchmen and NC along with other reactionary forces within or out of the kingdom. After much of labour, Prachanda was sworn in as PM after nearly 5 months of CA election. We were already frustrated at the delaying of usual political process. Prachanda also could not address the need of his countrymen as almost all Nepalis had hoped for a ‘miracle’ from the rebel leader for he was greatly viewed as a leader of ”New Nepal” with vision of development, poverty alleviation, complete change in social-economic stagnation and so on. The charismatic leader in his hay days during the course of ‘people’s war’ and early days in Singh-Durbar had made all of us hope more from him but later it turned out to be a complete debacle. He only presented us 16 hours of load shedding, the highest price-hike in Nepalese history, shortage of daily commodities, more insurgencies in Terai and Eastern hill, disorders in various governmental departments including priest-scandal in Pashupatinath temple etc. I think, He can’t be that much incompetent as GP Koirala is, for he had promised us revolutionary changes during and after the Maoists’ rebellion, who himself had lead it for almost a decade, in his own word, for sake of country and people. There might be several factors behind his failure. However, we still could hope from him than those of corrupted NC or CPN UML. The most anticipated proclamation of republic also could not bring joy in Nepalis’ face. Prachanda was ousted in merely 9 months depriving him of his full tenure.  The revival of same old dirty political game of buying
and selling of MPs for formation of government has almost shattered our
dreams, possibly forever.

Thus we were kept telling lies one by one. We didn’t revolt against it, thanks to end of Maoist insurgency, our enduring patience and the factors of surroundings.

Now, the biggest party which surely has a  universal right of leading a government, is out in the street. Peace process is almost derailed. Constitution writing schedule has trapped in indefinite quagmire.

Do we still hope some changes  so that we could live up with our dreams of peace and prosperous Nepal ? I barely have any aspirations. What about you ? Doesn’t it bluntly shows the situation of the kingdom has only worsen after ‘abolition’ of monarchy ? Will monarchy be resurrected to help rescue the nation from further deterioration ? Lets hope so. Nepal and monarchy, like two sides of a coin. The harmony between them was forcibly broken apart..and the result is here : Do I need to elaborate ? You take it yourself.


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