I Prefer Seclusion: Why Don’t They Understand

I cried copious tears on Monday night over my shattered fate. I, however, managed to inscribe some words in this diary as tears kept rolling down the cheeks incessantly. I now feel strange when reminiscence of that night wades through the mind.I came to get involved with more people today unwillingly. Some were friends, rest also were not strangers but they had nothing to do with me in persona but yeah, they needed my help.

Was lying on the bed trying to sleep at around 12 am, leaving off computer chair, heard myself being called by some harsh voices.  Got up and put only jeans on (I was bare-top). Called them inside, for there were no one in home. Door opened ajar and a figure peered into my dark cellar rigorously. Soon after seeing them, I got to know that they’re from Pinet, a local ISP which provides cable (the biggest in town) and wireless internet. I hurried out and asked them about their arrival. I was told they were here to check wireless signal availability in this area and will set up a small wireless relay station if needed. At their request, I took them to the top of the home where they started their testings. Later, they concluded that this area held a good availability of Pinet’s wireless signal and no set up of such station is required. I complained them about sluggish speed of Internet. Since 2006, I’ve been paying 1,500 Rs. per month for a mere 64kbps cable Internet from Pinet. Actually, it was only 32kbps until 64 kpbs was made staple only a few months back. No one uses computer except me in home. Not even Dinesh Dai, that’s why he often shouts on me for ‘squandering’ such a huge sum of money for ‘nothing’. But dad is generous, for he always stays aside me, mom too, in this matter.

They thanked me and left for Tudikhel, another location for their testings. I fumed at them as I was badly disturbed at mid-day siesta and didn’t even proposed them tea.

Soon after they left, Prince Harry appeared with his newly-owned-but-now-defunct laptop. It was doomed a week ago. Dunno how he got his new laptop doomed. He looked sad. He told me, it takes 1000 Rs. in the least to repair. We tried checking it, fumbling it hoping a miracle. ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! It worked!!! Yeah, his laptop suddenly got started. There might have had power supply problem and with batteries, we contended.  He rejoiced the moment. Dunno how it worked so unexpectedly. It’s enigmatic.

After his departure, much to my disappointment and seething over not being let to sleep, Shanker came with his Honda Unicorn. He was my closest friend in my early days in college. I went to study BE whereas he started to work for a firm, and now earns a handsome salary. He asked me to visit Lakeside. But I denied lying him that I was ill. I cleverly avoided him. He doesn’t know I’ve been confined within my cellar and home for months, for he’s not been told. He doesn’t know my cellar has become my world and old 733 MHz computer kind of my friend. He left early. This time too, I didn’t ask for tea.

At around when dusk was just sprawling, Bhola Dai and Krishna came. Bhola Dai has long ago–when he had not bought a computer– left some of his scanned documents in my computer in course of applying for abroad, which he now wanted to retrieve into his own storage device. Our convo later turned out to be heated. They both were apologists of UML and were bluntly rejecting the possibilities of Maoists and some of their good works when they were in government. Instead of analyzing in fair manner, they came heavy on Maoists. I defend Maoists at a point, though I never supported them, that the only one political power which could decide the fate of country is Maoists for now, no others, not rotting NC nor UML. They are seen widely as incompetent and corrupted since restoration of democracy in 2046 BS and that they were brought to inevitable stunning defeat in CA poll by people. Being a sole founder of set up of republic, CA poll, largest and the most important party of ongoing peace process, no one could undermine the role of Maoists at this stage. What is happening in Nepal in the name of republic and democracy is against all norms and values of democracy thus nothing more than an anarchy, chaos. The biggest party is forced to remain out of the government and the newly formed government after much ‘labour’ is just a gathering of some handpicked election-losers. They didn’t agree with me. Our conversation wound up bitter.

Mom has wished to visit Chitawan again. Dad has hardly any leisure time for his family. He has now been assigned to another job too. He leaves home early and returns lately, well after dusk. I think, He is the most busiest in his circle and might be busier than Prime minister! We often talk about his hectic schedule. Mom always complains him for his late arrival.

Stunning Girl
This girl from Israel is really stunning. Added in MSN Messenger, She’s just 15. I met her in my ‘heyday’ in ICQ.


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