Utter Devaluation and Humiliation of Democracy

Where are we heading? We were told and are being told: towards eternal peace and prosperity. We are also told that we’ve to wait until the finalization of drafting of constitution  and ratifying it through the parliament. After then, peace and prosperity will prevail forever. But, has the current scenario of the kingdom showed any sign of prospect of  good in future? Absolutely NOT. After days, I today watched a news broadcast on Nepal Television. The news had hold nothing but same old political stories we’ve been told : series of  meetings of political leaders to forge a so called ”consensus” (but actually, they have never reached into a consensus), disputes between leaders vying within their parties for ministerial  and other privileged posts; spate of strikes, clashes between police personnel and protesters and obstruction of highways often for minute issues etc. Most annoyingly, electronic medias broadcast leaders’ rhetoric in a way that suggests as though they only are the most important people. Thus, the news starts and ends with nothing but utterances of nonsense political rhetoric. Bad for us; we audiences are actually parroted of worthless political news by most of medias.

What have been happening and we are seeing  in political scenario of this tiny kingdom past some weeks are appalling and also pathetic. The biggest party has been evacuated from the government and no doubt, it has so far turned out costly to present coalition government since the beginning. Democracy stands for a political system conducted and ruled by people for people. And the rulers must be approved by public through elections. That’s why regular and timely election is deemed as the staple of democracy. The necessity of such elections is hailed as a main factor for sustainable democracy.  But, it seems,  the present scene in Nepali politics is completely undermining this universal principle of democracy though we are being told that Nepal has already embarked into a wide highway of democracy and republic. The present government formed under MKN is nothing but a gang of losers and henchmen of India and GPK. It holds no responsibility towards people, for they were not elected. Prime minister MKN himself was defeated from 2 electoral places. Almost all faces in present government are losers. What sort of responsibilities could we expect from these losers? Really nothing. I don’t say Maoists were doing well while they were in government. Actually, they brought more chaos, violence and unrest instead of addressing people’s aspirations. They are to be blamed for numerous disorders they created while being in government. Some are describable and could be considered as what was one of the several factors behind their early fall. Such as : Pashupatinath priest scandal, appointments in various governmental offices, politicization of Royal Nepalese Army and asking clarification from chief of army staff Katuwal, rampant violence, strikes and insurgencies esp. in Terai along with incompetence of their own eventually led them to early unexpected fall.

Despite bearing all these drawbacks and disdain , the then Cabinet members, except some,were approved by people through CA polls. PM Prachanda himself had won election from two places. Most of ministers were elected in direct electoral system. Thus, the legitimacy of Prachanda-led government was unquestionable, because tt was democratically elected and was automatically responsible to its people. It’s  an another part that that government couldn’t address people’s aspirations quite in an expected way.
After Prachanda-led government was toppled within 9 months, country plunged into more instability and chaos. Political parties busied themselves into dirty political game and equation. And within a night, a loser lost both by people from 2 places in CA election and within his party, i.e. MKN was proposed as new prime minister. This unusual equation of NC, UML and a faction of FORUM comprising bunch of losers has in fact laughed off general norms and values of democracy. What other things could be more humiliating and insulting than this for a newly restored democracy in Nepal ? If the rulers are not needed to be elected,What’s the meaning of democracy ? Where’s the difference between democracy and authoritarian rule ? If, we think MKN-led government is democratic, then we needn’t hesitate to call  North Korea’s Kim Jong il, a democratic leader too. This weird practice of democracy must be stopped, for It could install a wrong tradition, and its adversaries for generations. We  simply can’t deny the principles, norms and values of democracy by pointing to protracted transitional period.


                               A Cartoon satire on losers’ Cabinet from a Weekly Magazine

Jhalanath Khanal, General Secretary of UML could have been a better option to loser MKN. Khanal was elected from his hometown Iilam in direct electoral system in CA election and has been a Gen Secy and Parliamentary leader of UML. Were there not such elected leaders capable of becoming a prime minister in Nepal other than loser MKN? Yes, there are several including Khanal. But all was done in conspiracy; MKN sprung up suddenly as a prime minister, much against to people’s speculation. I always conclude, there could be no political stability in Nepal until GP Koirala dies and Indian expansionism is stopped.

If  MKN has a bit of morality left within him, he must now resign from Prime minister as he had done by resigning from general secy soon after stunning defeat of party and himself in CA election and pave a way to form a new national government based on broader national consensus. And this government will be lead, no doubt by Maoists, for they are the biggest party, nearly double the size of UML and NC; onus of leading such government lies solely on Maoists. Nepali politics can’t move even an inch leaving Maoists aside, this is a ground reality.


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