Rigged Politics and Baddest Downloads

Was the Iranian presidential election rigged? Or Mir Hossein Mousavi, who comparatively holds softer approach to relation with the West, thus seen as a pro-west leader and a reformist too, being backed by pro-western media; is refusing to accept his defeat as most of losers do? It’s well known, western medias have been lobbying for Mousavi, who is seen by the West often as a real challenge to Ahmadinejad, a hard-liner. Accusing victor of manipulation, rigging by defeated side is not any new, especially in our poorer world.

I have been closely shadowing pro-capitalist western medias’ propaganda (favouring Mousavi) about Iranian presidential election against hard liner Ahmadinejad for weeks. I contend, the capitalist West is now virtually lobbying for Mousavi. TIME, BBC etc. are quintessence of the propaganda campaigns against Ahmadinejad. Whatever…the West has failed yet again on campaign against Ahmadinejad.

Congratulations! Ahmadinejad, for beating western-backed Mousavi. I like Ahmadinejad not because he is a hard liner but for his tough and assertive stance against imperialistic America.

I downloaded some videos today : Prom Queen (Lil Wayne), Right Round (Flo Rida), We Made You (Eminem), Poker Face(Lady Gaga) and yea ”Baby you know that I miss you…Kiss me through the phone” ha ha ha so stupid but still catchy by Soulja Boy too. Right Round was just a waste. Poker Face was distorted. I think, I would be relieving mininova.org soon, for I’ve been ‘cheated’ for quite many times on quality esp of . mvids.

But yeah ‘Kiss me thru the phone’ was great.

The only items I download over the Internet are ebooks, movies and music videos. Hard-disk is almost full of downloaded videos. There is barely 400mb of space left which has obviously made my Windows 2000 computer go slow. I’m now in strong need of buying another storage device, either a large capacity flash drive or a hard disk itself.

I’ll see.

Lately, I’m downloading Hulk vs. Wolverine, an anime. This is my first anime download.


She appeared today too, all of sudden, though for a short. I again left stunned. Was it just a fantasy of disturbed mind? NO, It’s real. She’s there. But who could assure me of this fact, because I’m not convinced by myself so far.


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