Piteous Sight

This photo depicts one of the piteous sights of ongoing insurgencies and civil-wars in various African countries. (I found this photo on Yahoo! News some days ago.) When asked about Rwandan Genocide in 1994, the then U.S. President Bill Clinton has recently told in Canada that the genocide could have been stifled had US Army been deployed there in time. He cited, it was almost impossible to deploy such a huge number of army, capable enough to contain genocide launchers, instantly. And, even if the deployment was accomplished, by that time the massacre, no doubt, could have never been prevented from reaching its worst. The US along with other world powers including ”impotent” and ”eunuch” UN kept enjoying the bloodshed which claimed more than 8,00,000 in mere 100 days, one of the world’s worst and horrific mass human killings. I often demand, ‘the impotent’ UN be dissolved, for it has been acting as an absolute ”puppet” of the US and has failed on its main principle, i.e. maintaining peace and security all over the world. Let’s not talk about numerous civil wars of Africa. Afghanistan and Iraq alone are fresh examples of incompetence of the UN and  explicit imperialism of the US, where imperialism/colonialism in the guise of ‘democracy’ is being practiced at the expense of peace and hundreds of thousands of precious human lives.

Africa along with other third-world countries is riddled with acute humanitarian crises for decades. But instead of paying attention (in the least) to their sufferings, world’s most influential powers such as the US, Russia, Britain etc. are vying for nuclear supremacy and are now targeting their wrath on poor North Korea and Iran. And the IMPOTENT and INCOMPETENT U.N. has been enjoying the pitiful scenes on behalf of the US. WHAT A PATHETIC!….Sack Ban Ki Moon! He’s a SERVANT of the US. Dissolve South Korea and Israel, for they were established on interest of the US! They are virtually the 51th and 52nd states of the US. Down with them!


                         (Taken in 2007, in this photo, a Somalian boy drinks water from a muddy pond)

Though we  have already been through no less than such ordeals and pitiful sights in decades-long civil war between the government and Maoists within our Nepal and elsewhere in Africa and other insurgency-ridden countries, this scene might be more piteous and appalling.


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