Goodbye Mike!

Didn’t get up of bed this morning until the clock
hit 8:45. Was staying lately last night watching ‘Confederation Cup
2009’. When woke lately, there I felt slight headache and eye ache.
Somehow I managed to get up of bed, put jeans on and sat in front of my
‘workstation’ waiting as usually for to open. Tea was already
getting cold on table. OH!….It reads ‘Michael Jackson dies at
50’…..huh? I really didnt believe it at first, thought it might be
someone else named same as Michael Jackson, not the King of Pop. But after digging
deep into the news to make sure his death and believe myself, I was
finally confirmed. Every news and celebrity sites such as:
Yahoo,MSN,TMZ,E!Online,TIME,BBC etc, I didn’t leave any of them unread.
Anyway He is the departed now.
Since then, I’ve been restive. Like billions of his fans,people; I’m also
stunned, mourning his sudden demise and still wishing he’d not died.
writes: Billboard magazine editorial director Bill Werde said Jackson’s
star power was unmatched. "The world just lost the biggest pop star in
history, no matter how you cut it," Werde said. "He’s literally the
king of pop."

Blogger Billy Johnson of Hiphop media training
writes: ‘……This type of legacy cannot be erased by even the most
horrible of charges and allegations. His music and performances are
historic and forever engrained in our hearts.’

 Goodbye Mike. May your departed soul rest in eternal peace.

TV and Internet assisted my restiveness  go calm. All the day, we some friends discussed about the legendary pop star. Day was bit cloudy. The sun was kept shrouded in clouds. Air , a little cold.

I was in early years of my life (I’s born in 1984) when he reached the peak of fame in 80s.


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