King to Break Ice

Finally, after little more than a year he abdicated, King Gyanendra is going to speak his mind on the eve of his 63rd birthday on 23rd Ashadh, 2066; a Nepali weekly reported. I went to know about it on nearly a week ago. What will he speak about? Surely about his country and countrymen, deteriorating condition of the kingdom. His aides have been reporting that the monarch is gravely worried about the country’s prevailing situation, gripped by chaos, impunity, mushrooming insurgencies though the bloody war of a decade has apparently brought to an end (but only to produce more of such?). We only could anticipate for better now. His  address has been foreseen as an important event but has also been dubbed by the henchmen of GPK, MKN and Prachanda as an intrigue allegedly to restore monarchy. 

The gone year failed more severely than it’s predecessors in every front. It could not bring even a drop of joy to our lives, instead it only worsened things, virtually everything. We were told that 2065 will be historic cos the monarch had abdicated and ‘Janata’ were in ‘power’ and Nepal will embark on peace and prosperity. And after a year..Now, the result is here: more chaos, crises, historic price hike, sprouting insurgencies, endangered nationalism and sovereignty, acute power shortage, numerous strikes and road-blockades, impunity, dirty political practices, revival of same old and hated power struggle between political parties and so on..We could easily come to inscribe an epic if we keep listing the ordeals. Thus, we could conclude here: The kingdom really isn’t progressing in absence of monarchy; instead it only has gone worse. The so called practice of republic has only brought ordeals. Previously, until the king abdicated; institution of monarchy was being dubbed as a sole reason for Nepal’s underdevelopment. Now tell me, do you still see the monarchy as an obstacle to prosperity and development? Answer is easy: Republic has been declared at expense of sovereignty and peace as per India’s want, for NOTHING else! Shame on you GPK, Yadav, Prachanda and MKN, and yea India too!

Down with you bastards!

We’ve to keep our country from being changed into another ‘Sikkim‘. We must stop these bastards from being another ‘Lendhup Dorje’.

Long live King and Queen!!!

Long live the institution of monarchy!!!

Long live Nepal!!!

About me :*Impatiently waiting him speak!*


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