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Waiting For Some R5 Releases

When will the R5 of Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs release? I’m waiting. Waiting until the DVD release : just can’t. It’s out of my patience. R5 works for now. Still after a month? Oh No. I’m missing plucky Scrat (I’m envy of him cos he’s his new girlfriend now in this 3rd sequel!) and Sid so much. But I hated Ellie. Ice age could never be worthy-to-watch without rumbustious opossums Crash and Eddie.

Terminator Salvation is also not available on R5 yet. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Bruno and other big summer releases will also take months to release their DVDs/BDs; Public Enemies too. I’ve to wait.

Only CAM and TS versions are available of these flicks not even TC and I’m too loath to download them. I always fear their terrible quality.

Lately I’m downloading DVD rip of The Passion of the Christ, a 2004 Mel Gibson movie depicting the last 11 hours of Christ’s life i.e, The Passion. An Evangelist had suggested me to watch this movie some years back and I too was interested to watch this historic-but-equally-disputed flick once. But in time, I almost forgot it. It was only some days back, when browsing latest movies info on, went through this Gibson flick and instantly revived the evangelist and got inspired to watch. Then, I called my nearest video store but found it didn’t have the DVD. Then thought about downloading, and it’s now almost complete (now 86% of 716 MB Xvid file) though it’s been taking days, for there lacks a good number of seeders.

I’ve just started downloading August volume of ‘Maxim’.

Prince Harry and Lachhi Subba have really been clicked with each other. Today too, Harry came to me and chatted with her (his new girlfriend!) for hours.

र, यो पनि …

श्री 5 को सरकार अन्तर्गतको ‘गरिबी निवारण कोष’का कार्यकारी निर्देशक राजबाबु श्रेष्ठको काठमाडौंमा डेढ करोड मुल्य बराबरको घर छ । उपत्यकाभित्र उनको सैयौं आना जग्गाको कुरै नगरौं । अब यी तारे होटलमा लन्च र डिनर खाने सुकिलाले दिनरात माटोमा नङ्ग्रा खियाउने र पसीना चुहाउने ‘मैला र फोहोरी’ गरीबहरुको पीडा र अवस्था बुझेका होलान् ? हाँसो लाग्छ, सम्झिंदा पनि; साथसाथै घृणा । मन्त्री, सचिव लगायत नीति-निर्माणको तहमा रहेका काठमाडौंका सुकिलाहरुले गर्दा नै देशको आज यो हविगत भएको हो । हामी ‘मैला र फोहोरी’ सर्वहाराको वास्तविक मर्म र व्यथा कसले बुझिदिने ? हामीलाई हामी जस्तै मान्छेको नेतृत्व चाहिएको छ, सुकिलाहरुको होईन; जसले हाम्रो दु:खसँग आँफुलाई एकाकार गर्न सकोस्, आत्मसात गर्न सकोस् । माओवादीहरुको पनि कुनै विश्वास रहेन अब । आँफुलाई सर्वहाराको प्रतिनिधि भन्ने माओवादी आफ्नो आस्था र सिद्धान्तबाट लगभग च्युत भईसक्यो । यसका नेताहरुको जीवनशैली अब काठमाडौंका सुकिलाहरुभन्दा केही कम रहेन । हज्जारौं शहीदहरुको बलिदानीलाई यसले फगत सत्ता-राजनीतिमा अवतरण गर्ने मैदान मात्र बनायो ।  10 वर्षे महान जनयुद्ध (वास्तवमा त्यो महान् क्रान्ति थियो, जुन नेपालको ईतिहासमा कहिल्यै भयो, न अब हुने नै छ ) को घाँटी त्यसै निमोठिएको होईन ।  

हामी कहिलेसम्म काजी भीम मल्लकी पतिब्रता विधवाबाट श्रापित भईरहने ?


Prince Harry Got a New Girlfriend!

Counting final days, WTF ? Yea, I’m kind of tallying up my final days of my short but nuisances-laden life.

But, today, I’ve something new and funny to write here. Harry (We call ‘Prince Harry’ at times only to ‘fool’ him :D) has just got a new girlfriend! That’s too within an hour! LOL

He often visits me and this noon too, he appeared with his usual visage: disheveled beard (must have been uncut for days), tan-black skin and his signature svelte figure. There was blazing sun outside and I was relaxing on the bed subtly gawking at the ceiling (What else I was supposed doing when being alone other than miss her every moment?). Computer was turned on as always but only was monitor off. He entered, greeted me and without talking further, claimed the chair before my PC. We’ve been so informal with each other, may be we find ourselves much closer. And, with his usual habit of browsing Yahoo! chat rooms every time he logs into the Internet; he proceeded ahead. I kept lying.

He found his new girlfriend in one of Yahoo chat rooms!!! LOL. Actually, someone Lacchi Subba was requesting ‘hunky Nepali guys’ to message her in pvt in main channel and like other girl-starved guys, though Prince Harry never went behind any girls till date; thinking he could at least have some silly fun with the girl, he simply didn’t let this ‘chance’ escape. So, he went privating her. She too showed much of interest on him. She’s a girl hailed from Bhutan, pursuing her career as a freshman in Delhi University; he told. I found it utter ridiculous however assisted him in replying her on his request. LOL. She told him she was looking for a hunky Nepali guy as her soon-to-be-beau and within an hour, they started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Ha Ha Ha… I kept laughing evilly. Were they just fooling each other? I’m sure Harry was not even a bit of serious. Their convo lasted for nearly 3 hours. But it’s true, in those 3 hours of their conversation, they apparently clicked with each other. At the last minutes of their chat, I found, there was kind of pleasant expression evident on his face. He was being blushed at the last moments of their convo. LOL. They left promising a next meeting on Sunday.

Congratulations Harry!!! Good luck for your new love life. LOL

We don’t know and it’s just out of the reach of our psyche; how we got clicked with a person. Though they might have done it just for fun; apparently they went befriended and we only could hope, their relationship would see a boost in coming days. It was just an unpredicted spin-off of their silly acts but, nonetheless, they were clicked. Wait, they also could never meet again. Who knows, she was just fooling a guy who has long been longing for a girl’s love; for girls easily exploit guys’ sensitivity and loyalty? And yea, guys are too submissive to girls. I also met her online, some years back. And, when we found ourselves closer, asked her share our topmost secret and eventually proposed her which she OK’d. Now, the relationship seems to be withered (though I never believe it, I just can’t) and estranged and has become a cause of my self-hatred and unrecoverable loss of confidence and more frustration towards life.

I was cursed?

If I Were as ‘Cool’ as Others…

I regret for being a nerd and wish I were as cool as others.

My love (she) preferred to stay away off me cos she found me nerdy. :-(((

I scream: Wish I could be as cool as others :((

The Doting Parent

He has been clicked with a girl from his hometown Chitwan, not too long ago. They often stick to phone for hours.

But he’s mere 15, a 8th grade student. He lives herein Shanti Deep with family. His father owns a modest daily commodities store. A good motorcyclist at such young age; he has been my great friend.

This noon, though he often visit me; came to me and asked to let him use Internet for some minutes, for he’s asked to appear online at a given time by his aforementioned girlfriend. I had nothing to work with Internet, so let him use my workstation, which lasted for hours though he had asked only for ‘minutes’.

He has recently purchased a computer but is yet to get connected to the Net. I suggested him to use either Nepal Telecom’s or UTL’s CDMA mobile service for Internet connection.

College time has shifted to morning from 7th semester. The last semester is loaded with more project works and dissertation.

Dad and Dinesh Dai both are in Kathmandu now. Dad has formally retired from his 30+ years civil service. They are in Kathmandu to complete his retirement procedure.

Now I think, Dad acted upon some hurry. He could have kept going with his job until he reach 58 and gets mandatory retirement. He never consulted broadly with me about his retirement plan, may be because he felt more comfort with Dinesh Dai and Mom. Within my family, I’m always seen as ‘very delicate’ and ‘too little’ to understand all these affairs which I find sometimes silly and ridiculous. Mom still calls me ‘Kanchi’ which I find so touching, a word with colossal amount of love and affection. But her unnecessary worries over my health at times only makes me feel stupid and kiddie. Much to my dissent over some of the doting mother’s extreme care, She often prevent me from going out in the sun. She fears, It (the sun) could turn out to be heavy on ‘delicate and precious’ me! Ha Ha

Parents bear nuisances for sake of their children.

AIDS Was Created To Wipe Out African-Americans!

Found on today, this conspiracy theory states that AIDS was invented deliberately by CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African-Americans from America. Excerpt from the article :

”Since the CDC first reported the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981, rumors have
persisted that the deadly virus was created by the CIA to wipe out
homosexuals and African Americans. Even today, the conspiracy theory
has a number of high-profile believers. South Africa president Thabo
Mbeki once touted the theory, disputing scientific claims that the
virus originated in Africa and instead accusing the U.S. government of
manufacturing the disease in military labs. When she won the Nobel
Peace Prize, Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai used the international
spotlight to support the theory as well. Others insist that the
government deliberately injected gay men with the virus during 1978
Hepatitis B experiments in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Still others point to Richard Nixon, who combined the U.S. Army’s
biowarfare department with the National Cancer Institute in 1971.
Though the co-discoverers of HIV — Dr. Robert Gallo of the National
Cancer Institute and Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris —
don’t agree on its origins, most of the scientific community believe
the virus jumped from monkeys to humans sometime during the 1930s.”

More of such conspiracy theories about the Holocaust, assassination of JFK etc. could be found here:

This noon, to my great luck and pleasure; she came online. I felt great relief and soothed. After she left, found myself relaxed and slept well for hours. Only she could calm me, make me feel happy, no others on earth; though she’s still far-away and I’ve been ridden with pain in her absence. I’ve no other means of communication but the Internet.

A Great Lie

Today, July 20. We’re being told some 40 years back human first placed his foot on Moon on this day i.e. July 20, 1969.

But we’re deluded.

Conspiracy was being hatched within the premise of NASA and Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Collins endorsed this conspiracy and a great lie of history.

Why haven’t we been back to the moon in these 40 years?

All the scenes of alleged Moon landings were shoot at Hollywood Studio and barren Nevada desert. To add fuel to moon hoax, the original Apollo 11 video print was erased and Hollywood studio is now restoring the video with changes on the eve of so called ’40th anniversary of moon landing’, media have reported.


Quote of the Day

"Abortion is much more serious than killing an adult. An adult may or
may not be an innocent, but an unborn child is most definitely
innocent. Taking that life cannot be ignored."

(Archibishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho of the coastal city of Recife, Brazil commented on abortion case of nine-year-old girl who had been raped and impregnated with twins by her stepfather.)

Found on (one of the sites I often visit); I quite much appreciated this line though the stand taken by the bishop nevertheless is deplorable (It was rape case and 9-year-old mother’s life was in danger). I also oppose any forms of abortion intended to kill an unborn infant except for some special cases.