Fuss Over Fox

Megan Fox, you’re blessed more than any vixens in America!  I’m wondering : Why is there so much fuss just over a vixen ? Just because she resembles Jolie in looks, and is a real hottie unveiled not too long ago in Hollywood ? She has ruled almost every celebrity site, blogs; let’s say the Internet. And even .orgS.  LOL. Whatever…. I’ve not yet watched Transformer-2 (Revenge of a Fallen).

Lately, I’m Downloading ‘Night At The Museum’. It’s been taking longer.

It has been almost years, no less than 4, that I’ve not bothered myself about going theater (for a movie). The last time I visited, I reminisce, was circa 2062 Shawan, for a public viewing of British documentaries in here Pokhara, otherwise never loved to go out for cinema in recent years.

And this too :  The ‘King of Rock n Roll’ Elvis Presley is distinctive for many causes. One is, He is revered and known by his first name. (Where as almost of people are known by their last name). I wonder, Why ?


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